Looking for a great race to Newport, Last time I was there was on the TS Empire State for the Americas Cup Trials. Race starts June 7&8 ends with award ceremonies in Newport 12 July. 14th JUne depart for Maryland via Martha's Vineyard , Nantucket,possibly New York City and back to Maryland. Great Crew, great cook and lots of music, that we make ourselves, Its gonna be fun, berthing at the Newport Yachting Center,wish us luck! We need it! We came in 6th in Class 4 boats retired due to weather and seasickness, and one was de-masted. Weather was terrible, but the trip home was exceptional! We came in 6th in class, the last to arrive in our class, 4 boats opted out due to seasickness, during heavy weather and one boat was de masted, weather was atrocious!