I'll be moving my CSY 44 'Surprise' south from the Chesapeake Bay to Florida or the Bahamas in mid-October and would like to have the company of a female crew member(s). The voyage will be ICW/Dismal Swamp canal south to Beaufort NC then hopefully short coastal hops (<36 hrs) or the ICW to Florida depending on the weather. I have a dog aboard which will limit offshore duration since the beast won't do his duty on board. Where I end up is up in the air and totally dependent on the COVID situation in the Bahamas but will end up in Ft. Pierce FL at a minimum. Prospective crew can hop on for a couple days, a week or longer if we get along. There will be plenty of possibilities to grab a rental car and/or flight to arrive or leave. We'll share food and drink expenses but I'll take care of boat expenses. We'll mostly anchor out and take the dinghy in so I can walk the dog and explore all the cool little coastal towns along the Carolinas and Georgia. I've done this trip before and can do it myself so I am just looking for company. Some experience is preferable but not essential. I would expect you to assist with all boat operations however including cooking and will be happy to provide instruction. Please no alcoholics, heavy smokers, drug addicts and bat-shit crazy people. The boat has two cabins and two heads so you will have private use of the v-berth and forward head. The boat is also well equipped with a chartplotter, autopilot, radar, VHF with AIS, good anchors, sails, safety equipment, etc. I should add that the boat is on the market (see sailboatlistings.com and search CSY 44 in Deltaville for pictures) which could throw a monkey wrench in the whole plan but it's not too likely. Please contact me via this site and we can begin the discussion and I can answer any questions you may have. I know this isn't a very exotic opportunity but most of the exotic places are unavailable to US citizens at this time so you might as well see some local sites and beef up the sailing resume. Don