It was just the other day as I delighted in a quiet Christmas lockdown in Turkey with my partner, Hulya, I mused over a book I read as an adolescent: “By Bicycle to India” by ??. Here I am some 50+ years later contemplating something of a similar venture but with something of a nautical ending in the most beautiful of coastal peninsulas - BODRUM and DATCA (Turkey). The intrepid exploration may just offer me a little more luxury and leave me with a slightly less bruised bottom! Lol The plan is to depart UK in the late Winter early Spring and spend a number of weeks meandering through countries I ‘know of’ but do not know at all and through which I hope to pass and learn a little more from some of the wonderful inhabitants I meet up with. I’m not totally clear on exactly how long it will take to transgress the 2500 miles owing to geography, COVID-19 and any other ‘interruption’ which may be experienced due to Legal / Engineering ‘challenges’ or whatever else may obstruct our progress along the way. The journey will be a metaphor of life and I will be blogging and YouTubing along the way - the “Yellow Brick Road” as it were. And the finale will be special. We will be arriving in BODRUM and there meeting with 4 other vessels: 3 yachts of 45 - 54 foot length plus a 30 metre Gulet. We will then be embarking on a week afloat in along the southern coast of DATCA taking in the stunning coastlines of Knidos, Bosburun, Hisaronu, Semiliye and with a bit of luck into Greece to the island of Simi. And now having pondered on this a little more the event has ‘grown’ as it were. I am currently in DATCA, Kairos Marina specifically and have just spent time in Knidos and exploring the southern Datca coastline: it’s about as good as it gets!