Hi, I started to fulfill my long-cherished dream in July 2019 and went on a longterm trip. I started in Croatia - Greece - Italy- Sicily - Liparian Island - Sardinia - Balearic Islands - Spain Mainland - Gibraltar- Algarve - Madeira - Canaries - Cape Verde - Antigua - Sint Maarten - Dominican Republic - Bahamas - Cuba - Mexico - Belize- Guatemala Actually in the Rio Dulce/Guatemala August 2021, in November I will sail from here to Panama/ Bocas, San Blas and lesser Antilles for the Season 21/22 (depending on the Covid situation and restrictions) and then perhaps into the South Pacific and beyond (everything remains open) and I don’t want do this journey alone. I'm looking for one kind, open minded, crewmember preferably female, who likes to sail with me and have a hand for the boat for a part or the whole trip. Own cabin is available. Some sailing experience for crossings would be fine, for coastal sailing and island hopping experience is not essential. I will be glad to teach you some more about sailing. Hop on hop off is possible (almost) at any time. I’m flexible in my timeline and destinations also towards ideas from crewmates, Safety, no time stress and enjoying are top priority. I’m sailing since more than 20 years and owned my Boat 12 years ago, a save 10m/33ft steel yacht of BrucerRoberts equipped with solar power, watermaker, active AIS, EPIRB etc. for long-haul and single-handed with 3 cabins for approx. 4 persons. If you like to discover foreign countries, sailing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, maybe kite surfing, enjoy a Sundowner, a laid back lifestyle, get on with the close on board and have enough time-out and want life your dream then you are welcome. Testsailing is possible and welcome. If you’re interested don't hesitate do contact me.