Hi, I am single handing a 37 endeavor down the Florida east coast. Currently traveling the ICW, will hold at west palm beach for a weather window to go outside for a 24 hour sail. From there, on to the keys. I would prefer a gay girl or a girl that has a relationship, as I am not interested in a romantic relationship at this point in my life. Sorry guys, I haven’t had luck getting along with men. I would expect you to pay half the food and do half the chores. I’m a pretty good cook and like to have a good time. My ship is set up to live off the grid and I have no plans to stay in marinas at all. Come on out and get some sea time for the cost of food. I don’t care how old you are or how you look. The only requirement is open honest communication.I am headed south, so the start location depends on the date and how far I’ve made it by then.