Opening for interesting lady boarding COOMERA Late April/early May 2020 forward. I am semi-retired Dutch national residing in USA and now cruising on my boat in AUSTRALIA. I am a "pesco-vegetarian" but have no problem with others having an unrestricted diet. Cruising in this part of the South Pacific is great but would be so much more enjoyable with the right company. Looking for an intelligent, inspiring & motivating lady to cruise around VANUATU and then, when we feel like it, we go somewhere else. I like photography - I am especially interested in somebody experienced with/interested in photography, video etc., art, SUPping, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, skiing, reading, painting oil/acrylic, riding my motorcycles etc. My plan is to have NO plan other than sailing for 7 or 8 months a year on the boat and, if I feel like it, travel back to USA & MEXICO (to travel in my coach, motorcycle or car or stay at home) or EUROPE. and then back to the boat. I would like somebody on board who really enjoys the cruising life style: I like to emphasize that we are cruising NOT racing - I am not constantly trimming the sails to get better/maximum performance out of the boat.. If we like where we are - we stay; if we don’t like it then we go on. Somebody capable holding own opinion w/o being argumentative; being able to have a good discussion etc. I am not really good at meaningless small talk; prefer an "intimate" silence while reading a book etc. over just senseless blabbing. Hahahahaha - maybe not nice to say but straight forward to avoid misunderstandings. Somebody able & willing to participate in every aspect of cruising such as: watches, provisioning, cleaning, cooking, maintenance etc. Finally: pls have current pictures on your profile - I have had crew barely able to get in & out of the dinghy; not good on a boat - my pictures are from 2019.