I'm currently doing a grand tour de France on the canals. I've wintered near Dijon, but as soon a the weather warms up a bit (please ignore the stated departure time and date - the system forced me to put an exact one in - it's anticipated to be the end of March) I shall be heading south down the Rhone to Marseille, then round to Sete and taking the Canal du Midi (said to be the most beautiful part of France) to Carcassonne, Toulouse and Bordeaux, where the mast goes back up for a sail to Audierne. The descent of the Rhone is likely to be a bit of a toboggan ride with a strong current, but the Midi will be very gentle and laid back during May and June. The sail up to Audierne is planned for the first two weeks of July, and that will be easy day sailing with stops in various ports along the way. I have a guest cabin available for visitors (either singles or couples) and visitors are welcome for a week or so at a time, sharing food and drink costs. Any takers? For more information please get in touch.