Crewing Opportunities January 2020

Isla del ReyCrewing Opportunities January 2020.  Here are some of the crewing opportunities that have been posted on the site from the Lovesail members.  If you would like to find out more about a particular post just log into your Lovesail account and click on the Crewing Section tab.  If you haven’t heard of Lovesail then come and take a look.  We are a friendly sailing community of single sailing friends meeting up for sailing dates and events.

Miami to Portugal via the Bahamas and the Caribbean

Swish47 has a big trip planned for January.  Leaving Miami mid-January and sailing to Georgetown, Bahamas, then leaving mid-February to the Caribbean and leaving the Caribbean early May heading to Europe.


Virgin Islands Jan – April 2020

Here-Now is looking for crew:  “I plan to be sailing, snorkelling, exploring the islands and just generally hanging out for the winter… Looking for old friends and new friends to join me…

January is Free

Celt is looking to crew during January:   My work is seasonal and it being winter time it is a slow time. Would love to find someone looking for some crew to get some sailing in. Cannot think of a better way to spend the new year than being somewhere on a boat. I have a valid passport and am willing to travel (prefer somewhere warm). Let us go and chase some sunsets!!!

Sailing in Greece 2020

Captaina is looking for crew:  My yacht is blisteringly fast – probably the fastest of her size – 10 knots is normal. I will day sail, hopping from island to island to anchorage – exploring ashore, at anchor, barbecue, swimming – so if you want full-on days at sea, I am not for you. I can teach novices to sail. What is far more important to me is a positive, team-working attitude, a sense of humour, a sense of adventure… One of my crew last season has sailed on 100 yachts with 100 different skippers; he said that my yacht is the best-equipped he had ever been on and that I was the best-equal skipper! So, I hope you will have confidence that this yacht is outstanding and that I know how to sail her!

Marquesas to Tahiti, Tahiti to Fiji and thence to New Zealand

Hi all.  This will be a gentle cruise across the South Pacific and stopping at many places along the way finishing in November in NZ. You can join for a week a month or whatever suits. First stop after Panama is the Las Perlas Islands and then on to the Marquesas followed by the Tuamotous archipelago thence well we’ll the winds dictate but ending in the Lau group in Fiji in September / October before the crossing to Northland. This is very much a sailors and island hoppers trip. You need to enjoy the ocean and be able to chill in tropical anchorages. There will not be cell phone cover at points along the way although I do carry an inreach tracker and messaging system. The ideal crew is relaxed and positive of any gender.

crweing opportunities january 2020

I already have some crew sorted for this trip but there will be lots of opportunities to join and leave along the way.

Crew contribute 40USD per day to food and dockage/fuel costs and cover there own travel expenses and medical insurance etc. We try and make all trips low impact and sail not motor and avoid plastic. Food tends to be fresh and local with as little transport or wrapping as possible. I qualified as a master yachts MCA and Yachtmaster Ocean and have many miles at sea.


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