the celtic deep

The Celtic Deep

Recently I have become aware of an area I didn’t even know existed.  The Celtic Deep.  This is an area of the North Atlantic Ocean that is located off the coast of Western Ireland and Southwestern Great Britain. This region is characterized by its extremely deep waters, which reach depths of 100m meters (over 300 feet). It is known for its rich and diverse ecosystem that supports a wide variety of marine life.

The Celtic Deep is a unique and important area for marine biodiversity, and it is home to a variety of species that are not commonly found elsewhere in the ocean. One of the most well-known and important species that live in this region is the Northern cold-water coral (Lophelia pertusa).  This deep-sea coral forms large and complex reef systems on the seafloor. These systems provide habitat and shelter for a wide variety of species, including fish, crustaceans, and other invertebrates.  In addition to the deep-sea corals, the Celtic Deep is also home to a variety of other creatures, including sharks, whales, dolphins, and deep-sea fish. Many of these species are adapted to living in the extreme conditions of the deep sea, where temperatures are cold and pressures are high. Some of the most fascinating and unique creatures that live in this region include bioluminescent jellyfish, giant squid, and vampire squid.

fin whale

Despite its importance as a habitat for marine life, the Celtic Deep is also facing a number of threats from human activities. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are all putting pressure on the delicate ecosystem of this region, and many species are struggling to survive. In recent years, there have been efforts to protect and conserve the Celtic Deep, including the creation of marine protected areas and other conservation measures.

The Celtic Deep is not a designated marine protected area or marine park, but it is part of a larger network of protected areas in the Atlantic Ocean.

The European Union has established the Natura 2000 network, which includes several protected areas in the Atlantic Ocean, including some areas in the vicinity of the Celtic Deep. These protected areas aim to conserve important habitats and species in the Atlantic, including deep-sea corals, sharks, and other marine life.

In addition, the United Kingdom has designated several marine conservation zones (MCZs) in its waters, which also include areas near the Celtic Deep. These MCZs aim to protect important habitats and species in UK waters, including those found in the deep sea.

lophelia pertusa coral

Thinking of sailing across the Celtic Deep?  The Celtic Deep is known for its deep and rough waters, which can make sailing difficult and dangerous, especially during storms or inclement weather.  That being said, boats do cross the Celtic Deep for scientific research, commercial fishing, and other purposes. It is important to note that sailing in this region can be challenging and requires proper preparation and caution. Sailors should be aware of weather and sea conditions, as well as any regulations or guidelines that may apply.

Overall, the Celtic Deep is a fascinating and important region of the ocean that is home to a rich and diverse ecosystem of marine life.  As we continue to explore and study this region, it is important that we also work to protect and conserve its delicate ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

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