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North Palm Beach, Florida, United States
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Hello fellow sailors and I am a single, divorced with grown up independant kids. I practiced law for 30 years and am now happily retired and able to travel and sail more. I love all sailing weather it's minimalistic camp cruising or raiding or the luxury of a 50 footer and everything in between. For the lady that has her own sailboat I make a good mate. When you sail on my hull I am a no flog Captain. I look forward to seeing what unique woman I meet on this site

Sailing Experience:

I attended a Naval Prep school in St Pete FL and learned on Moths and believe it or not a sweet little sloop called a 420. From there I worked on private yachts as a deckhand and after lawyering for awhile sailed a succession of multiple up to 34 feet.

Sailing Qualifications:

100 ton Captains Licence ( expired) crewed 50 fitters through Crotia, sailed Palm Beach up Chesapeke, sailed to Cuba. Many day races

Nautical Miles Logged:
5 to 6 thousand
Lawyer ( retired)
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