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Hi, I am just signing up here. I am 68 years old and widely experienced on the water for many years. I have fished on the Bering Sea commercially for 16 seasons and several other seasons on Southeast Alaskan Waters and in Washington State Puget Sound. I come from a sailing family and have sailed since I was a boy I have a 36 foot Canadian Sailcraft that I sailed from the Vancouver area to Mexico about 7 years ago and I have been in those Waters ever since. It is in good shape and fun to sail and fast as well. Her name is Juguete. I also sail a Minto. I am never happier than when sailing her. My gentle little friend.

My boat is in the Sea of Cortez. Soon I will begin my drive back to Mexico down the indirect byways, a different route each year. 2 or three weeks each way. I love it as much as the sailing.

I would love to have you join me for the winter season.

My name is Peter. Drop me a line (after you cleat it..)

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Lifetime. As a small boy I learned to sail and race dinghies in New York and in Seattle. I have been on many trips in the San Juans and islands of BC and Alaska. In 2012 I began my trip south from the northwest, sailing mostly single-handed until the Sea of Cortez where I fell in love with the waters and the islands and the people there. I have sailed there during the winter seasons ever since and store my boat there for our summers because of the heat mostly and also because I like to travel in other ways and have family here in the northwest.

Now I read this and see that I am writing narrowly about sailing. My interest in your life experience ranges far from sailing. We want to sail yes, but we have a whole life beside that as well. I want to sail with someone who has an inherent love of nature. Someone who is in awe of the sunrises and sunsets and the dark starry nights and even the stormy nights as long as it's not too stormy. I don't really care how fast you can bring the boat about or if you're way better than I am at navigation or even sailing in general. I care about what sort of person my sailing partner is. I care if they are kind and generous of self. I care if they have a strong spirit and that they are generally good-natured. I care if you have my back because I sure as hell am going to have yours. Thinking ahead and being safe for both of us is all important.

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Many thousands of miles
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Yes - flown the nest 
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5'8" - 5'11" (171 - 180cm) 
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