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Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom
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I love to sail and was so looking forward to joining my daughter and her husband on their Atlantic crossing last year but sadly missed out because of a family illness. My daughter is the one who suggested I sign up to Lovesail. I’m kept very busy by some lovely grandchildren and haven’t found the time to sail, so she has set this up for me to help me get on the water and meet new people.

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I sailed Merlin Rockets quite competitively in my teens/twenties with my brother. My son in law signed me up to race on the Thames in 2018 to get me back into it. Since, I’ve also teamed back up with my brother, now in his seventies, in a regatta in Salcombe - one of my favourite places. We won national events 40 years ago. It seems some rust had gathered over the decades so we didn’t quite live up to our championship-winning reputation, but we still had a wonderful time. As well as the dinghy sailing, I’ve also enjoyed a few family holidays on charter boats in Croatia and the Caribbean, sometimes with my brother who still likes to think he is in charge!

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