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Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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I have been passionate about sailing the world for many years, allthough a little late i think its time to realise that dream.
i am about to do my sailing compitent crew in the new year and am going for it, i havestarted saving as i want to get a yacht and injoy the dream before its too late to remember my own name and that sinility kicks in.
I so much dearly love to be able to start this adventure and dream with someone with the same mind set as me, would be so much better if that person was into me as i to them, then there is nothing to stop us and enjoying all that it brings. Is that special lady out there.

Sailing Experience:

Hmmm not much toi put here, but i am watching and reading a lot about sailing and like in work, i am by no means afraid of working, love getting involved and working things out to get it right, am going on a sailing compitent crew course in 2020, am learning knots and various how not to and how to do various thigns onboard,
No actual hands on experience as yet, but that will change during 2020.
All i can really say is that i am by no means idle, give me a job, explain once and that job will be done right every time. very keen learner and quick at it.

Sailing Qualifications:

Zip Didlly squat at the moment. but that will change.

Nautical Miles Logged:
pnly those done walking through the shore tide
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Grounds maintenance supervisor
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