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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
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About me:
I am a problem solver for a living and I am pretty good at it, I fix, fabricate, and troubleshoot things every single day.
Risk taking or being very spontaneous are not things I do often, looking at a situation, thinking about it, and coming up with a plan is how I go about things.
My attitude could be described as level headed and to the point, as such I do not like to dance around subjects in conversation.
Large social gatherings tend to drain my batteries and I need quiet time to recharge but I will participate in them.
My hobbies include sailing, anime, video games, amusement parks, and stargazing.
Financially I am frugal and have worked hard to rid myself of debt.
Honesty is everything to me.

About the future:
I plan to sell my house in 2022 and find a boat to live on to sail around for a few years.
After that, possibly work for part of the year and sail for part of the year.
The path I take really depends on which coast the boat is bought on.

About the boat:
Ideally the boat would be a monohull in the 30-40 foot range and have a cutter sailing plan with a large keel with a skeg hung rudder.
A fiberglass hull is a given with how easy it is to self repair and work with, a fiberglass deck painted with non-slip is also a given.
The idea of buying something with a sound hull that needs some work appeals to me more than buying something new.
I plan to sail across oceans and the vessel would have to be up to the challenge so something sturdy over something fast.
Simple systems would be greatly preferred over complex ones, like having wind vane autopilot instead of electronic.

About the life:
The cost effective liveaboard and travel life.
I would much rather sail for a long time on an efficient financial setup than sail for a very short time on something expensive like a large catamaran.
This means doing a lot of the work like bottom painting and boat maintenance ourselves instead of paying someone to do it.

What do I want from a partner?:
I am seeking a partner around my age to sail a boat around the world, you should be willing to learn to operate a large sailboat single handedly incase either of us ever get hurt or fall ill.
Smoking or drugs are a big no, either will rack up expenses while sailing and drugs can get a boat impounded and the owners jailed in various countries.
You should understand the realities of liveaboard life while sailing, be it the lack of internet access, the lack of a/c near the equator, being frugal with water and so on.
Where you are located does not matter as long as you can acquire a valid passport.
It would be great if expenses could be shared, and both of us have a way to make money in various locations.

I have tried my best to make this a short summation of my current and future life situation.
If you share an interest or want to know more, please send me a message.

Sailing Experience:

Got the sailing bug when I was younger.
Sailed around with a friend on his hobie 18.
Started out with a Sirocco 15.
Moved to a Banshee which is a smaller one person cat rigged dinghy.
I currently own a CL-14 which I am actively sailing.
I have been sailing dinghies for over a decade around the lakes of the midwest.
I have some large water body experience though not on a sailboat.

Sailing Qualifications:

The sailing experience listed above.
I restored the CL-14 which included replacing the wood and making new standing and running rigging.
First aid / CPR certified.
Rigging / Crane operations course.
A whackton of experience fixing things.
I plan to take a few courses related to my goal by the time of departure.

Nautical Miles Logged:
Many hundreds of miles, maybe over a thousand.
Home and family
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Have Children:
Social Setting:
Somewhat shy, Home body, Better in small groups 
Body type:
6'0" - 6'3" (181 - 190cm) 
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