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Hello everyone my name is Deborah ann I love the OCEAN and fortunately for me I have always ether lived very close to waters edge or right on the water most of my life. I was a landscaper most of my life grew up in a large family business. For the last 13 yrs I've lived in Newport, RI. the "City By The Sea" a very special & unique place for sure very blessed. I like and pretty much live an organic, sustainable, green lifestyle especially being an Organic Gardner all my life. I'm 5"8" slim to average body type, strong healthy, green eyes, long light brown blondish hair curls or straight depending on mood & how I'm dressed for the occasion. I have sailed quite a lot but, not with someone special which is my LIFE DREAM .. I have been all through the Caribbean Eastern /Southern/ Western/ etc. not always by boat perhaps to resorts. The only islands have not been t are Bermuda, Kitts, Nevis & Barts ! I hear they're beautiful so perhaps my special someone can take me there. I also lived prior to Newport , RI in Martha's Vineyard for 6 years where I did a lot of sailing on a Cat owned by the Taylor's brother of James Taylor. I was very good friends with Robin who was the Captain & I sent lots of clients to the boat for sailings so I sailed about 4-5 times a week. I learned how to be a crew mate somewhat as well.. I'm a quick study and I'd love to learn even more. I'm searching & have been for awhile hoping t meet someone who is like minded & we're on the same page easy going loves life & lives it with passion. Someone who is passionate & wants a lasting relationship with a christian girl who knows what she wants & needs in her life . I'm unpretentious, down to earth, easy going never sweat the small stuff, Intelligent ,well read, well rounded , grounded & level headed , common sense & a loving heart , trustworthy & kind. If you've read my profile and you think you might be interested please contact me I'm not a full member yet but, as soon as I am I shall return your message . Thank you for your time & best of luck happy sailing !!

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I've sailed in RI, Cape Cod. MV , West coast Fla. & Keys, Nantucket Bahamas, St. John , St. Thomas, Peter Island , Bath, Tortola, BVI's, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Cozemel, Cayman's, Belize, Lesser Antilles, Netherland Antilles, Grenedines, West Indies, etc.. Al of these places I've been but, NOT as an actual crew person. Only in MV, NPT & Cape Cod was I actually physically participating in sailing .. As I stated above want to learn more & sailing a Leopard Cat is my DREAM !! Of course we all need to dream... I'll be happy to just meet the right guy & enjoying life together to the fullest each day experiencing life together whatever comes our way...

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