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Oxnard, California, United States
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Friendship, Crew 
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I lived on my 32' ketch for 15 years before getting married to a lovely woman who’s not a sailor. I’ve had several sailing buddies over the years since, but they’ve all moved away or started families that have kept them from sailing much. Now I'm looking for a few friends to do day-sailing and/or overnighters to the Channel Islands with me.

Sailing Experience:

I’ve skippered over 100 passages to the California Channel Islands from my home port of Channel Islands Harbor, in Oxnard, including a 28-day excursion to all five islands (with one landfall in Santa Barbara for fresh water).
I’m a life-long SCUBA diver, but I most enjoy free diving—with its silence and the intimacy of swimming with the marine life on equal terms.
I’m not particularly interested in racing but with the right partner I’d consider world-cruising for a time.

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