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Alameda, California, United States
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I'm something of an introverted extrovert, or perhaps an extroverted introvert, not really sure which. I'm good at parties and social events (Or, at least I used to be, you know, when there were parties) but I don't go to many of them. I like interesting conversations and doing interesting things. I love travel and the cruising lifestyle and intend to spend much more time sailing in the upcoming years.

I got into sailing by buying a wood boat with 2 friends and living on it while going to college. We saved a lot and I was able to pay for college without any loans. I learned a lot from that experience and am still friends with the partners! I've since spent time in the tech industry, the boat restoration business and in the last 10 years, designing and building aquaponics farming systems.

The work I've done, I've generally taught myself to a fairly high degree of quality. I like learning new things and fixing old things. I don't really have what would be called a career, I work on many projects which gives me the freedom to try new things and take extended trips.

I've spent 3 seasons cruising the Pacific coast of Mexico and love the freedom and beauty that the lifestyle entails. I'm happiest when sailing and traveling and would love to share that with someone.

I'm divorced and have a 16 year old daughter who lives with her mother. I live on a boat in the San Francisco Bay area (A S2 36) and I'm preparing to drive to my other boat in Mexico (A Prout 33CS Catamaran) in November 2020. As long as we don't have a civil war or aliens try and take over the government (Although, honestly, how would we ever know?) the plan is to spend some time this winter sailing in the Sea of Cortez. The decision would then be made to either sail back to the Bay Area or haul the boat until next Winter. The next trip would then be to South America or the South Pacific in 2022 after my daughter graduates high school.

I'd love to find someone who would be interested in some or all of those plans.

I believe in self reliance, simplicity and common sense. I look at cruising like homesteading on the water. In fact, I just bought 25 lbs of seeds for sprouting! My Prout is comfortable and pretty self contained. It's not flashy but I've designed the systems to be easy to take care of and reliable. I like to keep my footprint small but the fun factor big. I'm active, enjoy most outdoor activities and eat very healthy.

I value a good sense of humor, intelligence and a positive attitude. Even given the state of things in the world, I'm looking forward to an exciting future.

If any of this sounds interesting, Yo! Hit me up! Sorry, just a little of my cheese showing.

Sailing Experience:

20 years of boat restorations
3 seasons cruising Pacific coast of Mexico
2 Ba ha ha rallies
2008 Single Handed Transpac San Francisco to Hawaii
Many single and multiple day trips along the California Bay area and coast
Multiple yacht deliveries on West and East coast
Some racing and cruising around the British and American Virgin islands

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Have Children:
Yes - flown the nest 
Boat Restorations/Aquaponics Design and Build
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The life of the party, Better in small groups, Comic relief 
Body type:
6'0" - 6'3" (181 - 190cm) 
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