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Have I lost my mind? 3 years ago I was house hunting in Tx. In that search I came across a family selling a house. When I asked what made them decide to sell. His response, we are buying a sailboat and sailing around the world. Dallas is a landlocked city. So obviously I ask, how long have you been sailing? The response. Never sailed a day in our lives yet. A man after my own heart. To this day they are sailing the globe after 3 years now. In a 53' (I Think) Privilege Catamaran.

Stupid ass me then decided to ask some sailing friends if he was crazy for doing this. EVERYONE of them said, well you have to a be little crazy to want to float around for months in a boat not knowing when you be able to buy groceries again, but no he wasn't crazy. The lack of sailing experience didn't scare them. But they all said do it sooner rather later. They all regret talking themselves out of it for so many years that they got too old to enjoy it near as much.

So that got me to thinking about it. Looked at the fortune a boat would cost and talked myself out of it. Then a Leopard 39 comes up in repo. Don't even know what all it needs but they have already described it with the wrong year and model. I checked the HIN and know what it is. So the bank may be clueless and I might get a boat that will be only a small fortune to start with. Everyone I ask tells me that the Leopard comes well equipped from the factory and is a great boat for 1-3 people to go anywhere in the world they desire. So I'm hoping to get it for a small fortune and spend the rest of the money I don't have, to put what it may need on/in it. Everyone with a boat says if they waited until they had enough money, there is never enough money. *sigh* I have not been given access to the interior yet. But on the outside deck it appears to be mostly complete and in decent to good condition.

So I am re-arranging checkbooks trying to leap off the cliff of money be damned full sail ahead hopes. Thinking Holy Crap this better be cheap because if it needs sails I'm already spending 20K on one item. Welcome to the life I guess.

I have sailed all of about 8 miles in total now. I live on a beautiful bay to sail on. Thanks to my friends that are ASA instructors they show me the basics. I need to learn all the sailing terms and line disciplines etc. I think I have a general grasp of most things mechanical and at least half of the electrical concepts. I have owned power boats before. I do have a background in mechanical and electrical. I think I can navigate with not too many hours of class. Helming/captaining I can defer to you if you have that experience. I'm happy to defer to a superior skill without losing my man card. :-). Or I will just need to get more classes with my friends. I'm told its probably best to cruise the Caribbean for a year or so to get my sea legs because once I commit to open water you are sort of committed to the lifestyle at that point. Then cruise anywhere and stay anywhere with my now co crew. :-).

I have been long divorced. While I haven't been a monk, I don't rack up bed partners just to cure loneliness or boredom. But its hard to find that right combo of free to sail, has the same goals, same interest, same mutual place in life. I am going to essentially retire from the life in America and spend my time finding my new life at a time most haven't found out their first life yet. They don't have the means nor inclination to do this. And while some crazy is good, I don't need the kind of crazy that makes a 39' boat seem like a padded room for a fruit bat crazy female that is a drama after week 2.

I'm 6'6'. 220 lbs. No kids, tattoos, smoking, drugs or police records. I seek a similarly crazy (in a good way) sailing mate that maybe has a some medical background to manage oceangoing cuts, scrapes, fishhooks or errant unexpected strokes that could crop up after I buy a part to repair any one of the 200 things that will need it. If we find we sail well then we may want to make it a happily ever after landlubber option in some as yet undiscovered place to grow old and share memories with the natives with.

I am even tempered. I have had a full life with many learning experiences when it comes to relationships and sharing/compromise/communications. Spending months together at sea can't happen if we don't mesh well. If you are a more experienced sailor, I will defer to that experience. You can still be a woman and I can still be a man. :-).

I can cook, but I cook to get by. I am by no means a chef. Or even a good cook. But I can whip up a dish or two if pressed into galley service. I eat healthy and prefer someone that has similar inclinations. While a woman's place isn't in the kitchen, it will probably be better if it is if you want to eat well. :-).

I am not easily angered. I have had enough experience learning what I don't want in a partner and what I do. I have learned to compromise where practical and take the lead when needed, and not be afraid to follow when I know she's best at something.

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May as well not sugar coat this. Maybe 8 miles. LOL

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See above. Add enthusiasm.

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You get the idea by now. :-)
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