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Alcochete, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal
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I'm a former scientist, entrepreneur, and educator. I'm well-educated and have travelled extensively. I have a middle class background and values such as honesty, patience, tolerance, and inquisitiveness are important to me; and mostly – a good sense of humor. I don't smoke and very infrequently drink.

Now I'm looking for a female crew to help sail/cruise my 47' catamaran in SE Asia. I like diving, spearfishing, and meeting people off the beaten path. With all the boats out there now that's pretty difficult. I like to socialize but prefer potlucks on the beach or on people's homes/boats to bars and restaurants. After spending some time around SE Asia I want to either head to the west coast of America or cross the Indian Ocean and head up to Europe. (I'm American but reside in Portugal.)

Sailing Experience:

I've been sailing since college. I built a boat and sailed it for many years along the west coast of North America, including a few in the Sea of Cortez and through Central America down to the Panama Canal. Then I crossed the Pacific. I lived on and sailed another boat for 17 years in Thailand/Malaysia. These were monohulls. Now I have a catamaran. (It's in Malaysia and I'm interested in sailing/diving in Indonesia before whatever comes next.) Some things are similar but a lot are different. So I'm learning and try to be cautious while doing so. I have a NAUI diving certificate and a HAM radio licence.

Sailing Qualfications:

I watched most of Gilligan's Island.

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20,000 + or -
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retired scientist/engineer/entrepreneur/educator
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