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A gentleman with a taste for the wild sea and big open spaces. Shipwrecked in London with dreams of adventure and far away places. I have lived in 5 countries so far and feeling the urge to travel again. My classic boat Jacaranda is stuck in a boatyard in Frankurt needing work (a long story)! When we come out of Covid the plan is a) Turn Left - Down the Main river to the Rhine river and down to Rotterdam and down the coast to France and then back to England......or b) Turn right - Up the Main river to the Danube river via connecting canals. Then down via Vienna, Budapest and to the Back Sea on to Istanbul. Then through the Bosporus to the Mediterranean and Greece. (suggestions and input invited)

I am looking for a dreamer, a friend and an adventure-loving lady with muddy boots or sea salt in her hair. I polish up quite well and can do the city thing convincingly, even throwing in some literature and theatre, but my heart lies in the wild places.

I am looking to make honest and genuine connections with a likeminded lady who loves the sea.

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I am a South African and in true African style I have learned by doing.

I have been sailing from an early age, with most of my early sailing being on the east coast of Africa; South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania (Zanzibar, Pemba Island).

I relocated to the UK 25 years ago and spend some seasons club racing in the Solent to get on the water, Cowes Week, Round the Island and a few coastal passages up and down the south coast. A have crossed the channel a couple of times.

When I moved to Europe for work, I owned and raced a J24. I also fell in love with Jacaranda, a Harrison Butler Z4 I found in Italy and kept in Laguna di Murano east of Venice. I spent some seasons on Jacaranda single-handing and sailing with friends in the north Adriatic.

Moving back to London and the pressures of work have meant that I have not sailed much in recent years.

I have never had any formal sailing qualification but probably should get something during lockdown!

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