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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I’ve grown up on and around boats and ships, from canoes to the Queen Mary 2, and loved being on the water for my entire life. Conversation, and companionship is all I’m after at the moment. I would love to crew, but would also like to be better educated on safe boat handling and on board systems before I become a hazard on anyone’s vessel.

Sailing Experience:

Lived on board a cabin cruiser during summers as a small child, and started boating in a canoe tied to a dock in Central Ontario, when I was about 7, then graduated to an outboard aluminium boat in my early teens. The only actual sailing I’ve done has been on a windsurf board, and other people’s boats. I sailed (with supervision) in a Matilda (I forget her size) for several summers around Georgian Bay, and had a sailing kayak from Hobie, which I did a 10 day wilderness sail/camping trip in back in the late 2000s (it was a great adventure!). My ultimate goal is to spend some time doing blue water sailing. I know I’m not ready yet!

Sailing Qualifications:

Really - non to speak of:
Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card
Marine Radio Operator License
Took some courses on gel coat repair - need refreshing on that!

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