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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Update - Well thats the nav stuff done and certificates for when I need them and some good sails on the solent. Finding a boat will be much more tricky, still, its fun looking.
The other thing that strikes me is that apart from someone to enjoy it with, I need to make it meaningful in a proper way rather than just wandering so would like to have a plan like 'saving wildlife' or 'helping to reduce plastic pollution' or 'marine archeology' ...... any ideas anyone.

Lock down is killing me. I'm an out doors person but more importantly a sailor. Not bought the boat yet (well not the big one) but going to go west as far as I can. What I'd like is to find someone to plan and share the whole epic with. If you're up for a serious adventure get in touch. If not get in touch anyway cos the sailing will be fun in the build up.

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Update - Dinghy is now up for sale to help fund the big boat and found a boat buddy so out on the solent alot .... or fixing his boat ... but still its all doing boaty stuff so not bad.

Always sailed, parents met sailing so I guess its genetic. Plenty long and short voyages but recently enjoyed dinghy with some racing. I currently have an AC but gonna sell as it's to antisocial.

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Update - sorted all but the ocean nav. Will do later when I will use it more.

Did Day, coastal and ocean some 30 years ago, lost all certificates so sitting again for the fun really.

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Software - Engineer
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6'0" - 6'3" (181 - 190cm)