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2/25/21 Update
After a short 10 days in French Polynesia, I had to return home early to Newport Beach, California, two weeks ago due to French Polynesia shutting down and all flights being canceled. I’m excited to return to Tahiti on April 1. I will sail through the Society Islands and/or visit the Tuamotus. I have not solidified friends and crew for this next trip yet, and still interested in putting together a few people who would be enjoyable to come along. If you think you might be a good fit, please let me know. See notes below from previous updates. Alan
UPDATE 1/24/21

I’m planning on flying back to Tahiti this Tuesday, January 26. I will return to Raiatéa, where Cyrolia is, on Thursday or Friday, and sail her back to Tahiti on Saturday. We will do a few days of work and maintenance, and then sail perhaps to Moorea, and then Huahine … And if we feel like it, maybe back to Bora-Bora ;) I will fly back to California around February 20 for about one week, and then sail back fly back to Cyrolia to continue the adventure. I’m looking for that first mate… But also looking for very interesting people with global experience who have a joie de vivre and would be fun crew to share the experiences! Alan

UPDATE 12/6/2020!

I'M EXCITED! I just bought my new boat, a 2010 Jeanneau 53 located in Taina Marina, in Tahiti. I've been working on her for the past two weeks and around Christmas, will depart for a few week tour!

I’ve planned and created an amazing life! For 2021, I will sail for a few weeks at a time and then return back to Orange County for a week or so, Then push repeat! Generally I am travelling about 12-16 weeks a year making an impact with entrepreneurs. This year, with COVID, I will travel back and forth to Tahiti and explore French Polynesia. I’m excited and positive about life and creating a joy driven one, and sharing mine and inspiring others to create theirs!

I’m an entrepreneur and own a couple e-commerce companies. Take a chance... If you are interested in learning more, I’m interested in learning about you too.

Who’s interested in adding some miles to their log and adventuring together? Cheers,

I've been sailing since I was 10. I've had my Kettenburg K-40 since 1997, and I'm currently seeking to purchase the boat that will take me to the South Pacific. I'm an entrepreneur, and fortunately to be able to travel a few months a year and work with entrepreneurs around the world.

Sailing Experience:

I've been a light sailor since I was 10. I've owned 5 sailboats, one of them a famous 65' racing sailing boat and raced her in the Transpac in 2005.

Sailing Qualifications:

I've got a few thousand miles of experience including Transpac in 2005, and mostly local Orange County coastal sailing. Planning on adding thousands moving forward ;)

Nautical Miles Logged:
Probably around 4-5,000.
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The life of the party, Social butterfly, Better in small groups 
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6'4" (191cm) or above 
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Tahiti, Tuamotos and Raiatea:  December 26 through January 15, and possibly beyond
Dec 26, 2020

I'm excited! I just bought a 2010 Jeanneau 53 and I'll be sailing her from 26 December forward. Current plan is to visit Moorea, and then the Tuamotos... and then deliver her to Raiatea on January 11. She'll have some work done to her for a couple weeks out of the water... I will fly…

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