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Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
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Friendship, Crew 
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I am an active, independent woman who has a passion for adventure. I just finished an 8 day kayaking expedition to the Lake Huron North Channel. It was awesome, but I must admit that my bed felt really good when I returned home... we had camped on a rock. I love being in water and would choose swimming, paddling or sailing over anything.
I have been fortunate to travel a fair bit and I would love to continue if/when things open up again. That being said, I come from a big family and live in a beautiful town so I can always find things to do. I practice yoga, take long walks and bike to stay fit. I own X-country and downhill skis but haven’t used them the past few winters since I have been south. I may be dusting them off this season! If things don’t open up, this may be the time to walk the Bruce Trail. It’s been on my to-do list for years! I walked the Camino de Santiago, (800km across the north of Spain) 3 years ago. It was a wonderful experience.
It must be said that I also enjoy quiet time to read or watch movies. I picked my guitar back up in March and have managed to start playing again after many years.
So, honestly, if you are a nice, intelligent, interesting guy who knows how to handle his boat... let’s start a conversation:)

Sailing Experience:

I started sailing in the 80’s on my parent’s boat, in Lake Erie. Took sailing lessons in Toronto and raced. Started crewing 10 years ago ....Martinique to Tobago Cays, Puerto Rico through the Virgin Islands, Dodecanese Islands of Greece ( only crew on a charter boat , paid), Bahamas (4 times), Florida Intracoastal, Panama Canal to Columbia and San Blas Islands of Panama (3 times). I would love to do the Great Lakes! I am experienced at provisioning, a great cook, PADI certified but like the freedom of snorkelling. I’m always learning from the people I’ve met along the way.
In recent years I have been invited to friend’s boats in the San Blas Islands and the Bahamas during the winter months. It would be important to get to know you before committing to join. It is also important that you are a confident skipper/captain who knows your boat. I’m all for challenges and adventure but I also value my life:)

Sailing Qualifications:

Took Canadian Sailing Course In 1999 and then just went sailing. I have no idea how many miles I’ve gone, but it’s been a few ( see above). I’ve been comfortable on the water forever, having grown up on Lake Erie. Born into a fishing family. There is nothing better than being on the water and discovering beautiful places.

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Yes - flown the nest 
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The life of the party, Home body, Better in small groups 
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5'0" - 5'3" (151 - 160cm) 
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