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Houston, Texas, United States
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Friendship, Crew 
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Semi retired. Bits of experience at lots of things. Airplanes (a few hours of instruction, ran an airport in my 20s) cars, motorcycles (discovered in my 40's) lots of hiking, camping, fairly skilled horsewoman.Enjoy tinkering and learning how to fix things (think maybe should have been an engineer). A bit of an adrenaline junkie but have no problem kicking back and relaxing. You will typically find a decent 1st aid kit & camp hammock in my backpack. I believe in being prepared and have had the opportunity to salvage other people that were clearly NOT prepared. Would like to hone my sailing skills and do some REAL sailing/island hopping. Perhaps learn how to build a proper catapult from a coconut tree, or test out a few theories from my childhood watching Gilligan's Island. Yes, that is me, the eternal prankster. I can take it as well as dish it out, and though there are times to be serious, I really enjoy the company of people that enjoy a good laugh.
My Spanish is minimal, and I want to work on that as well as my French and Italian. Would like to be able to get by where ever I wind up going.

Sailing Experience:

Some East coast off the U.S. growing up. (70's) Very small keel boats, or fully crewed yachts. Not again until 2007, took classes to get certification to bareboat cruise off the coast of Belize on a 45ft cat. Various sailing with friends last 15yrs, mostly with crew. Very basic knowledge. Since 07 have chartered quite a bit in the Caribbean (have always taken a local skipper) 2016 did the San Blas islands and Panama canal as crew member (totally different experience) 2018, first open crossing of Tasman sea, New Zealand to Australia. (lots of firsts on that trip. 1st sail repair, 1st ocean dive, 1st skydive) now want to get diving cert. Never get seasick and never panic (EVER)

Sailing Qualfications:

bareboat cert from ASA 2007. (if they gave it to me, it scares me to think of who else is out there)

Nautical Miles Logged:
Several thousand (not sure exactly) one open crossing, Tasman sea
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semi retired
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5'4" - 5'7" (161 - 170cm) 
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Aruba regatta August 2019
Aug 15, 2019

ARUBA August 2019. There is a regatta and I’ll be around during this time. Looking for anyone planning to be in the area as a sight seer or a participant. Currently in Houston but willing to travel to a location to join up to sail “to” Aruba ahead of the regatta (totally free travel time wise beginn…