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Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium
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I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate.. Vincent van Gogh

After a 10 year spiritually restricting relationship .. ready to spread my wings again .. to let the gut feeling out again I used to have a lot of .. to see the world of opportunities instead of restrictions .. I am the girl who left Belgium at the age of 24 alone with her suitecase to live in Mexico City for some years .. who climbed the Kilimanjaro at the age of 55 .. who crossed the Atlantic on a SY .. who started skiing in her late fourties ending up ski-touring.. who has refurbished houses on her own.. who started studying again in her fifties .. who has always followed her own path .. who just loves challenges and people !!
my motto : if you have a dream just DO IT .. if you want to do something just DO IT .. and be the change you want to see in this world .. and that is exactly my plan for the future ..
Extreme hands on .. and what you see is what you get.

Holding on to my core values of honesty, integrity & respect is what lead me to the rupture of my 10 year relationship with a sailor .. which was supposed to be the start of a world sailing tour for a couple of years .. so now re-inventing my life and putting a post on this website might be part of my re- start .. ;-)
This summer taking my time for re-designing my future life .. of course with the open spirit to see what adventures come on my path .. as I think everything happens for a reason .. and after rains comes ALOT of sunshine ..

So you could say kind of ‘old-fashioned’ in morals and ethics .. but that is for me the only way to live & give..

I mostly enjoy meeting people .. good humour .. laughing .. MUSIC .. exploring .. hiking .. scuba diving .. running .. swimming .. yoga .. african dancing .. sewing .. being creative .. tango .. travelling .. skiing .. reading .. meditation .. learning new things .. challenges .. getting out of the ordinary .. I like the mountains and the ocean .. living a healthy life .. taking the road less travelled ..and most of all I love my beautiful daughter !!
I don’t like restricting rules which have no means .. negative people .. gossip .. lies .. living an ordinary grey life .. complaints .. self-pity .. selfishness .. ‘show’ for the ‘show’ .. emptiness .. ‘MY reality is THE reality’ attitudes ..

Give me a great romantic picknick on the beach instead of a stiff dinner in a fancy restaurant .. give me adventure instead of a resort holiday .. give me a creative honest place to stay at with local people instead of a 5 star hotel .. give me new international people to meet instead of travelling only with fellow citizens .. the world at my feet ..

About sailing ..I love the freedom .. I love to feel the greatness and power of nature ..I love the night sailing – sitting on deck alone with the stars and the moon .. I love to arrive at a marina and start to explore what is behind it .. I love the sound of the wind in the sails ..
I am grateful for the opportunities sailing has given me .. and am eager for more to welcome into my life ..
I cannot show a lot of sailing diploma’s but am rather an experience based hands on learner ..

I welcome into my life new sailing friends (women and men) as well as romantic continuation (men only ;-)..) if meant to be since I am a true believer of the ‘love of my life’ .. still to meet ..

Sailing Experience:

I have done great sailing trips from the Netherlands to the Channel Islands – until the Scilly Islands – Ireland (till Edinborough) – Sweden – Denmark – Norway – east Baltic seas.. on a 42 Feet BREEHORN (over 10k nM)– crossed the ocean from Bermuda to Azores – sailed from Gran Canaria to Cabo Verde – sailed around in the carribean on a catamaran...
total about 14k nM

Sailing Qualifications:

I have done some courses .. of course VHF certified .. apart from that mostly hands-on experience ..

Nautical Miles Logged:
total about 14k nM
switching the gears at the moment...
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Yes - flown the nest 
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5'4" - 5'7" (161 - 170cm) 
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