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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
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For as long as I can remember I have loved the ocean. Being from a land locked state it never made sense. In my late teens I decided to change that as best I could. I joined the USCG and did that for 4yrs. I was a natural. Automatic sea legs/stomach, knot tying fíen. Easily qualified boat crew member and rescue surface swimmer. I was quick at learning boat and equipment upkeep. Was awarded for acing my charting tests with 100% accuracy, and went to school for the ins and outs of radio technology and emergency communications. Yes, I could often be heard broadcasting updates on the radio channels and emergency channel. Alas, I got out quickly thinking college was more important, but no matter what I am still drawn to the nautical life. I plan to purchase a sailboat and get lessons in the next couple years. I can’t stay away. I am a single mother of one wonderful child, and am looking to just have a foot in the doorway of the community. I have no specific expectations at this point. Friends, community, dating...I don’t care I just can’t wait to smell and see the ocean again with like minded people.

Sailing Experience:

No sailing experience specifically. Just Coast Guard boats. I apologize.

Sailing Qualifications:

None yet. I’m a work in progress, but as stated in my about me I’m at least not a complete nautical rookie.

Nautical Miles Logged:
We didn’t keep track in the Coast Guard. I had a lot though.
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Flight Communication Specialist - I dispatch medical jets.
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