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Financially secure male seeking. A special partner, like minded, into sailing with or without experience, Financially secure, Health conscious , Adventurous, Affectionate, Sensual, Compassionate, Conscious of the importance of exercise and diet, Family values, Faithfull, Sense of humor! An affinity with the Ocean, An appreciation for the simple things in life, Compassionate, Am I asking for too much? I hope not.I believe I have all of this and more to offer.What did you do today? Did you learn, Laugh, experience something wonderful? Did you find yourself with a great bottle of wine sitting by the beach overlooking the ocean and a beautiful sunset, or at a Museum slowly walking through lost in thought? Were you grateful for something that happened that was unexpected? Did you think about your next escape to somewhere in the world you'd never been to before? On a yacht. Did you wonder about how much better the day would have been with someone special who you could talk about it all with Here goes! a little about me , I an old fashioned romantic at heart, believe in being faithful, upfront, honest and don’t play head games. Life’s too short to waste time with that. We all have our dreams and it would be great to meet someone who fits the bill, I live my life with authenticity and passion. I warm, sensitive, fun and enthusiastic. The simple things in life excite me, a sunset a sunrise, a lonely beach in the winter, good conversation. I look for connection and communication in my relationships, not superficiality and convention. I believe in living not existing, in following my heart and never underestimating the strength of true love.

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Extensive, sailed 30,000 sea miles single handed.

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