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Southend On Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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This is the bit where I say how wonderful I am ... tried to get someone to write it for me but - no takers !! Oh, well ... In my own words ...

People seem to think I'm a kindly soul if a touch eccentric. I hope that I am generous, loyal, reliable and friendly. I have a fine line in self-deprecation (plenty of material there). I love animals having been lucky enough to have had two loyal dogs and a lovely cat.

I worked many years in state education before seeing sense and jumping ship – literally … working as a sailing instructor (theory) and writer (two books published). Have written one novel based around human trafficking which I am hawking around literary agents - so far with no success. Undaunted am well into second novel which is set in the Syrian uprising (2011). I guess you could say I want to use fiction to spread awareness of humanitarian issues. I have also done much voluntary work related to dementia.

I lived most of my adult life in Northumberland and France and on a cold winter’s day the sunny climes further south do beckon. The reason for returning from France was to care for my mother who had Alzheimer's but has now passed away.

I love the outdoors - I live on a cruising catamaran moored in the Essex marshes which is a relaxing antidote to modern life – even when it is windy and wet! I recently achieved a lifelong ambition and flew solo day and night. I enjoy my motorcycle although that is for warm sunny days. I also enjoy fell walking when the opportunity arises.

Love exploring the remote parts of the British Isles – Hebrides, Scilly Isles, Welsh and Scottish Borders. More distant horizons beckon – exploring the Caribbean by boat, trekking in the Himalayas, travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway ... Enjoy visiting different countries, exploring different cultures, wandering around historic cities.

I enjoy most music genre - especially 60/70s rock, jazz and classical musical. I read most days - especially historical fiction.
I watch most sport - rugby, cricket and hockey and in 2012 spent much time at the Olympics - a memorable experience.

Am currently refurbishing my Prout Snowgoose Elite catamaran on which I am now living ... the plan is to finish early next year and then head south until the butter melts then turn right and plan to be in the Caribbean for Christmas 2021. Spend a few months exploring the islands and then possibly head south along coast of South America ..... or wherever the fancy takes.
Would love to meet a lady who would be interested in that adventure - and me !!! I very much believe in shared responsibilities so really someone who is a co-skipper rather just a crew along for the ride …. but am willing to teach and be taught … If that's not you then I wish you fair winds and maybe a friendship across the oceans will prosper.

Sailing Experience:

50+ years mix of dinghy and cruising.
Started on the River Crouch in Essex then dinghy racing in the Thames Estuary which is where I seemed to have returned to for the moment !
Sailed extensively in North Sea / English Channel, also parts of Norway and Canadian Pacific.

Sailing Qualifications:

Day Skipper / Yatchmaster Theory - no practical qualifications ... I hate practical exams !

At least on your solo flight success is straightforward - land without major mishap and you can do it again ! Such simplicity although you are aware the instructor is listening to your radio calls and wincing as you bounce along the runway on landing.

Nautical Miles Logged:
too many to count ... hopefully many more to add in the following years ...
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Single / never married 
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Side kick, Better in small groups 
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5'4" - 5'7" (161 - 170cm) 
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Walk around any boatyard and you will find many abandoned dreams. Wooden boats. Steel boats. GRP boats. Fin keel. Bilge keel. Long. Short. You name it, you’ll find it. The short walk from my home on water to the car and I’ll pass a number of such boats in varying states of decay. Wildgoose was once…

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