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Auxonne, Bourgogne, France
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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I'm a genuine and decent man who isn't interested in playing games with people, (or in people who want to play games!). I sold up to go sailing a few years ago so I'm off the hamster wheel now, and spend as much time cruising as I can, mainly around Europe.
I'm not an unshaven boozy hermit type - I'm a fully house-trained people person who loves to share laughter, smile with others as the sun goes down, make music, explore in the dinghy or just watch the world go by.
I'm in the process of doing a grand Tour de France on the French canals. At the end of March I'm planning to head down the Rhone to Marseille before heading to Bordeaux through the Canal du Midi (before Brexit upsets the applecart) and then to take part in La Route de l'Amitie in Brittany in July and August. I'm an easygoing, even-tempered sort with lots of enthusiasm for life and living and a good sense of fun (although that's really challenging to convey here and by email without looking really stupid!). I'm cheerful and people tell me that I've always got a smile on my face. Thanks to robust good health I'm active and enjoy travelling, an important part of which is new experiences and getting to know the local culture and people. After years studying and working in Universities I love intelligent conversations and discussions about almost anything, (and I can disagree without losing my temper!)

Sailing Experience:

Around 37,000 miles cruising in European waters in the present boat. Sailing is to be enjoyed, not endured, and a modest-sized well-equipped multihull works really well for that, providing all the fun of travelling but with creature comforts when tucked away in a quiet anchorage too (Electric blanket, hot shower, washing machine, hairdryer... )

Sailing Qualfications:

ICC, power and sail with CEVNI.

Nautical Miles Logged:
A little over 45,000 all told.
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21130 Auxonne, France
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Teacher of English/Freelance writer
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Somewhat shy, Better in small groups 
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5'8" - 5'11" (171 - 180cm) 
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French Canals
Apr 1, 2019

I'm currently doing a grand tour de France on the canals. I've wintered near Dijon, but as soon a the weather warms up a bit (please ignore the stated departure time and date - the system forced me to put an exact one in - it's anticipated to be the end of March) I shall be heading so…