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Newport Beach, California, United States
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Abstract: I am a woman who is kind, thoughtful, and loving. I've got a good sense of humor, I'm laid back yet passionate, love adventures and I'm a great communicator. I am very active, healthy, physically fit. I have had wonderful travel adventures and look forward to future travels!

I love to sing, dance, read, play games, hike, bike, fitness train, stretch, perform yoga, kayak, paddle board, whitewater raft, arrange flowers, explore the world, speak French, try new foods, attend plays, movies, eat popcorn, and mess around on the beach and in the water.

Having been a Corsair Yacht Club member for 14 plus years, (with the membership requirement of sharing an affinity for Catalina Island 27-ish miles off the coast of Long Beach, California) I look back with gratitude. A couple years prior to membership, I hiked with my Corsair Club sponsor who talked about the activities and board meetings she'd prepare.

Although I didn't belong to clubs growing up in The Great Lakes, I had a strong sense of adventure with plenty of exposure to water play and boating. As a teen, I went yachting and “Whalering” over to Canada. Over my lifetime, my family took a car ferry over to visit my Grandmother and Grandfather Balliet on Harsen's Island where she owned a boat livery.

My Grandmother was a strong model of a woman who could hunt, fish, garden, can her vegetables and fruits, and feed us well when we came to play on and around the island. My Grandma brought my Dad and his sister into the world during difficult times of The Great Depression.

Grandpa would loan us his boat to travel from the back canal out onto the channel where wind and waves picked up, but we'd stop intermittently at other little islands surrounding Harsen’s. I was taken in by the French influence, having been so close to Canada. Even the local bar on Harsen's was named "Sans Souci" meaning without worries.

In addition to my grandparents influence on my life, my Dad and Aunt Nancy had a particularly strong effect on my interest in faith formation as well as Higher Education. I dreamed of attending UCLA after learning I would be supported as a single mother while meeting my educational aspirations.

Ultimately, in addition to the benefits of their Sailing Club that also took me to Catalina, I ended up with three education degrees from UCLA. I now have nearly 20 years of teaching Kinesiology while administrating/advocating for Student Equity through the State of California.

One of the Catalina jaunts was influenced by my Corsair sponsor whose boys were in Boy Scouts with my son. She convinced me to participate as a leader in a week-long High Adventure experience with the Troops at Emerald Bay on Catalina Island one year. I successfully performed EVERY activity with the older high school boys, making it a remarkably memorable experience, including getting hit in the nose by a flying fish while kayaking at night!

I have fond memories of Catalina Island, including the elegant nights at the Commodore's Balls and Conservancy Balls; dancing the night away with Corsair friends, the cemetery, the museum, the many, many hikes, snorkeling, scuba diving, dinghying, and kayaking, as well as mooring at Emerald Bay. Going to Catalina as a mountainous and salty version of Harsen's, has graced me with carrying on my family legacy of islands, water, exploration, and boating.

Sailing Experience:

Thirty years of "First Mate" experiences out of Long Beach to Catalina Island.

Currently own a 26' Nordic Tug in Newport Dunes Marina, Newport Beach, CA

Sailing Qualifications:

UCLA Sailing Club 1979-81
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club 1990-present
Sailed 1960s Catalina, 1940s Atkins Yawl, 1980s 38' Irwin, Sabot, Hobie Catamaran
Corsair Yacht Club 2015-present
US Balboa Boat Squadron 2018-present
Nordic Tug 26' in Newport Beach, CA
Bennington Pontoon in Ludington, MI

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Kinesiology Professor/Student Equity Advocate
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Yes - flown the nest 
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The life of the party, Social butterfly, Comic relief 
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5'4" - 5'7" (161 - 170cm) 
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Where Edmond Fitzgerald sank in November of 1975, just 17 miles northwest of the Whitefish lighthouse that failed to operate that fateful night, I strolled amongst the gorgeous driftwood and multi-colored rocks with Bizou, my 15.5 year old Bichon Frise. The water was refreshingly…

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Seashore cruise on Lake Michigan, SUP, kayak, and pontoon amid the sand dunes at such a time as this, is restorative and idyllic. Gorgeous sunsets and full moon rising capture my heart!

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