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Denver, Colorado, United States
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Denver, CO 80207, USA
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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I love taking advantage of all of the activities that Colorado has to offer; hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing and the like, but blue water sailing has been calling me.

I've always enjoyed traveling and some my most rewarding experiences come from stepping out of the role of tourist – taking risks, being self-sufficient, exploring. I love adventure.

I've seen enough major cities around the world to know that a quiet bay and a small village are really appealing to me, but I also know that I'd rather do this with my lover and best friend.

I love fine cooking, a talent that I joyfully share with others. I savor the conversation, the wines or fine tequilas and friendly banter that accompanies preparing and sharing a meal with friends.

What I'm looking for is simply someone wonderful. I will laugh with you, a lot. I share your dreams of sailing; new cultures and countries and romantic anchorages, good times with new friends and I am realistic to know that a cruising life does not come without occasional discomforts. (Yep, I've sailed before.)

Reach out if any of this resonates with you. I will also crew, I am a meaningful contributor and good to have on board!

Sailing Experience:

I just finished sailing the Florida Keys and the Bahamas; Bimini, Andros and Nassau.

I began sailing a few years back. I have Bareboat Certification.

I'd love to spend more time learning and would be happy to crew for you till you teach me.

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