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Hi, I’m Zoe!!

A fun and friendly, out-going free-spirit with a warm-heart who loves the sea and most definitely loves an adventure!! Travel is my biggest passion and I've been fortunate enough to have experienced many continents and cultures, although appreciate there's so much more to see and do!! A few faves include: Oz, NZ, South America, Peru, Sri Lanka, India, Caribbean, Thailand, Africa, Zanzibar, Croatia and lots of Europe!

My greatest wish/dream now is to learn to sail and meet someone who ideally wants to sail off for a life-long adventure and just keep going...

I currently live in the UK (London), although have just booked a flight to Antigua, arriving there on 3 October 2021, with a very rough plan to maybe move there and/or buy a boat there, also with the intention of then exploring the neighbouring islands/coastlines. This obviously depends on the situation and opportunities/options available when I arrive.

Basically, I'd love to buy a 4 berth catamaran and run charters on it 6 months of the year and then sail off on adventures for the other 6 months of the year and then just see what happens and where the waters take me.... Obviously, I'd need to gain a lot of sailing experience beforehand and additionally find a great, experienced fun skipper (also up for the adventure!) if this were to happen. Are you out there...??

In the meantime, I have an Event Management Company in the UK, which I set up four years ago after ditching the finance world, which now luckily allows me to go off grid whenever and wherever I want to (Covid restrictions permitting of course!!), although I may wind this up in Antigua if I don't use it to run charters. Previously I was a Global Head of Events in Investment Banking... a long story (and one I'm very happy to share), however for the sake of keeping this relatively brief, basically realised there was a lot more to life than just working and decided to escape! I'm now in an extremely fortunate position in that, I'm set up financially for life (although I'm not materialistic at all) and just ready for my next adventure and to see what Antigua can offer.

I'm single, with no children (and have zero commitments) so am able to hop straight on a boat with easy-going, like-minded, fun sailing peeps should the opportunity arise.

As a sociable bunny, I love company and being able to share all experiences, as well as laugh and cry at them (good and bad) at the same time and have lots of fun along the way.... Travelling and water are my biggest passions in life and I love experiencing them in abundance, in whatever capacity, culture and/or environment they may be!

Therefore, if there's anyone out there willing to teach a novice and/or would like to train a potential crew buddy up for future sailing adventures and/or Caribbean Charters - I'd love to hear from you! What I lack in sailing experience, I definitely make up for in fun and laughter so can promise you that!!! ;-)

Sailing Experience:

I'm a novice!! However, I'm very keen and eager to learn and I definitely have good sea legs!! I've been on boats all my life, in various forms and on different seas (and very luckily, do not suffer with sea sickness, in fact I think I have a stomach of iron!)

As a child I lived in my local sailing club, then worked as a stewardess on a super yacht in Antibes in my early travelling years and have been on various sailing boats and motor yachts ever since. Therefore, I fully understand the importance of keeping a clean and tidy ship, respecting the decision of the skipper (and all other crew members) and living in small, confined spaces - working and laughing together as a team to get the job done!

Event Director (semi-retired, soon to be retired to sail off into the sunset!!)
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