Elan Boats and Skis

It's one of the coldest days of the year and the forecast is for snow on Monday and Tuesday. Of course I like snow because a few years ago at the age of 70 I decided I needed a winter activity so I started skiing!

I wanted to upgrade to a bigger boat and saw the Elan boats at the boat show in Boston. I thought it was a really neat boat and wanted to buy one. My wife and I were planning a trip to Europe and ever since I saw the movie Heidi years ago and found out it was filmed in Slovenia I wanted to go there. I contacted the Elan dealer here and asked him if could set up a tour of the Elan boat factory in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia.

We flew to Zurich, Switzerland and met my friend Uwe from Koln Germany there. We rented a car and drove from there through Italy to Slovenia. We had a nice tour of the boat factory and I learned that the company was really famous for their skis. In fact that is how they got their start.

We went to the Newport Boat show in the fall and talked to the Elan Dealer. My wife and I looked a great boat they had on sale. We talked to people at the show about getting a loan and insurance. I thought we were going to buy it. I made mistake by not going back to the dealer and signing a contract because the next morning when my wife woke up she said NO WAY are we going to spend so much money for a boat!

I tried to talk her into it but the best I could do was talk her into letting me buy some Elan skis. Of course she was happy to let me buy them compared to the price of an Elan Yacht, ha ha. So before she could say no to the skis I rushed out and bought a pair of skis and all the other stuff I would need, boots, gloves, Helly Hanson Ski Coat, Smith MIPS helmet, goggles, and poles. I even got an Elan ski and helmet bag sent from Europe. So in 2018 I started skiing. I ended up getting a set up of Elan skis for my son and my brother in law also bought a pair and started skiing after 30 years.

One good thing about skiing I learned is that when you hit 70 some ski areas give you big discounts. One little ski area in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Otis Ridge, even lets 70+ year olds ski for FREE. I bought a seasoned citizen pass at Ski Butternut in Great Barrington where I learned to ski. I learned that the company that bought MT SNOW, Vail resorts Management, has a special EPIC Pass for Military, Active Duty and Retired, so I also bought one of them. Its a GREAT deal at only $179.00 for the season and is good at all the properties owned by them. I have used it at Mt Snow and Okemo in VT. Someday may go out West.

Starting so late in life I am a very cautious skier. I don't like to go fast and like to stick to the Green and some Blue trails. NO black diamonds for me. Last week we went up to Vermont and my brother in law and I did a lot of skiing at Okemo. My son came down with the COVID so he stayed at his friends house who already had it and we rented a place in Vermont to make certain he recovered before he could come home. My wife and brother in law worked remotely and then he went skiing part of the day. Great fun and I only fell once. That is how I measure a good day. If I don't fall its a good day. If I have a close call I usually go home early.

So I never got the Elan boat, we finally bought a used 2015 Marlow Hunter 33 a nice boat, but at least I got a great new winter activity until I can go sailing again.