Sailing only?

To be at sea is wonderful. I love to be at sea, feeling the wind, listening to the sounds and the silence. And I love to find a remote bay and drop the anchor. The sun, the stars and I.

I am not the racing type. I see that many of you are. Being "on the go" is just as important to me as "reaching the goal in the shortest possible time". No critisicm, just aknowleding.

I have met many of in marinas. They arrive in the afternoon, eat in marina restaurant and set off next morning. And they believe that they have visited the place.

For me it is different, sailing is both: A value of it's own, but also a mean to get to places of interest. Historical sites, as an example. And to give time in small villages to meet local people (outside the damn pandemic), taste local food, visit local breweries or wineries.

Sailing is about slow life, not bringing the stress from "land life" out on the waves. I sold my company, my house and my car 5 years ago. This is how I want to live.

Anyone care to comment? Or am I just in the wrong web site for such views? I wonder.