Winds Are Changing

As we all know the "winds" in our lives do not always blow in our favor, but somehow we find a way to navigate through, steer a new course and usually arrive at our planned destination. (Though not always at the time we planned or by the route we expected to take.)

Just like everyone else 2020 was a trying year. Dealing with the pandemic and my daughters illness, mixed in with selling some of my businesses really put me through both the emotional and physical wringer of life.

However, the clouds have cleared and the forecast of life is for sunshine days ahead. My daughter received an "All Clear" and has begun returning to a normal life of studies, friends and shopping online and spending my money. I sold some of my businesses and am working on upgrading my boat situation. Finally, if all goes according schedule, I will move on from Bisinessman to "Wandering Sailor" come July.

Already booked trips to California to take some additional sailing courses / certifications. I also signed on to crew on a boat delivery from Seattle to Lima, Peru. After that I will single hand for awhile, having friends/family crew on longer trips when possible and hopefully find that somebody wanting to spend time with me and the next 5 or so years chasing the winds all around the globe.

Wishing everyone Fair Winds and Following Seas