Gearbox rebuild hunt

Been on the hunt for a trustworthy and reliable and communicative Kanzaki transmission rebuilder and related services for about a year.

Yanmar 4jhe, Kanzaki KBW20

Rebuilder found!: Eastcoast in Amboy, N.J.

Email ping-pong with the owner after reviewing the guy online mostly LinkedIn.

Results: very good creds and his reply email put me at ease with the costs of the rebuild.

The big issue now is getting the tranny out of the boat for shipping.

My issue is I'm working fulltime except for this post. (LoL)

Finding willing experts locally is proving a challenge.

I don't have a lot of time during the week so just like with my boss messaging and email is what I do.

None of the marina shipyards contacted so far have responded and the yacht tradesmen contacted don't reply.

I'm in the wrong business.

Tech found!: to remove the gearbox, install new motor mounts and install new raw water pump while waiting for the return of the gearbox from Eastcoast.