Sailing the Greek islands, Santorini ,Mykonos, Paros ,Aegina ,Poros, Hydra

Contact me soon.

I will have space starting towards the end of April 2020. .Why not come for a 2 weeks vacation, or longer around the beautiful Greek islands .

Easy sailing only. I will give preference to a Female company although men can apply (however, I am 99% heterosexual) ;-).

It could work perfectly together for a uncomplicated Sailing holiday around islands like Santorini , Mykonos, Paros. If the wind is below f6, or Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses for calmer conditions.

Romance.? Not really looking for romance, more someone that wants to be sailing ( not exactly true) I am looking for someone who is easy on the eye with a pleasing outgoing personality , although, sometimes these things are out of our control, It would be a nice bonus if we did hit it off. :-)

Sailing some of the nicest sailing areas in the Aegean. The Cyclades and Saronics perhaps Dodecanese ,Turkey .

This boat is safe and easy to sail with an inexperienced crew although it's an incredibly fast Beneteau First 45 with a racing crew.

A ideal opportunity for someone wanting to gain more experience in various wind speeds F1bf - F8bf sometimes in the same day..

I am not a skipper that wants to steer the boat and the crew do all the work , in fact the opposite ,I would rather crew and trim the sails.

Gently cruising and sightseeing around the Greek islands, from my base in Porto Rafti or Aegina. I usually set up a kitty for on board expenses.budget up to €25 a day for on board expenses...

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a free holiday to a pretty face , all money goes towards boat costs and good food. Tax, Fuel, parking, ect.

If you fancy a sailing holiday without any romance ,no problem just come along. I am a nice bloke.