Learning Curve part 2

Ok, so I go the rudder issue fixed, YAYAYA! After a couple friends and I sitting in the cockpit and looking at the issue of the chain jumping off the sprocket in the Binickal, and wondering how the f*** did that happened? I am sure the ladies would enjoy that one, three guys trying to figure out how to fix such a simple thing. And of course we came up with all the hard way to fix it. It was we could take this apart to move that over here, or we can drop the rudder, and many assortments of different way to go about the fix. The one I did not want to do was drop the rudder from the quadrant because I knew that I would be the lucky one to go for a swim (again cold water is just wrong).

The reason we were talking about removing the quadrant was because the cable tensioners are under it and there is no room to get a hand on them. Well after a week of looking at it and trying different things one of the neighbors came over and looked at it. He pointed to two bolts pointing out at angles and said just loosen those and you can fix it. So simple but yet so hard. Ya if you want to hide something from someone just put it right there in-front of them; they will never see it!

Loosened the bolts, flip one side of the cable over the quadrant lift the chain and "BOOM" done!! total time 30 minutes! Ya it was really that simple, wow, I could have done that out on the water and done the overnight like originally planned.

So now the rudder works and all is good, on to the next project; fixing the forward head. Ya, that is one everyone looks forward to doing I am sure.