Wear your shoes!!!

Wear your shoes!!!

I know better but I'm in the slip!! And I'm prepping the handrail. What's the big deal?

i don't have time to slip on my shoes.

Walking up to the foredeck my little toe on my left foot snagged the shroud. Yeooowwww!

Ice it! Elevate it. Go back to what you were doing ya whimp.

I kept walking in it. My whole foot swelled up. Went to urgent care 6 days later and they x-rayed it. Fractured.

So now I am supposed to stay off it and it will be 4 weeks.

All this for being in a hurry and not wearing shoes on deck.

Pleasr make sure your crew wears footwear on deck. If they get injured it's a loss for the entire crew.

Sigh.... Drinking vodka with my toes taped and foot elevated.