One down. One to go

Managed to get jib on. Real struggle alone. Will wait for help to do Main. No wind this early, got to Newport at 06.55, so that’s when we need to be here.

it would be easier if I could have just come down night before and slept on boat. Not allowed. But, I guess it would be ok to go to Providence and loot the mall in the name of BLM.

The Governor If RI said there will be a $100 fine if you are found without a mask and then she gave a speech with no mask. Said she forgot. Will she pay the fine?

I am really sick of these hypocrites in politics. Just open things up. Let people take some personal responsibility. I take precautions because I am in a high risk group with underlying conditions. You won’t find me marching or going to nursing homes.

But sleeping alone on my boat in a deserted marina is a lot safer for everyone than going to a supermarket.