Inflatable Dinghy

Even though it was a great day for sailing yesterday I didn't have anyone to sail with so I decided to make a 2 + hour drive up to Liferaft Services in York, Maine. I bought Crewsaver lifejackets from them at the New England Boat Show in Boston a couple years ago and this year bought one for one of our dogs at the show. They told me that they repair inflatables and I had an old Metzeler Jolly raft that was bought many years ago that wouldn't hold air. The German company doesn't make them anymore, but still sets motorcycle tyres.

I dropped it off yesterday and they told me that model used to be very popular in Alaska because it would roll up into such a small package they could put it in float planes and people would fly with them to remote locations. The fact that it rolled up into such a small package is perfect for a smaller boat like my 10 meter sloop.

Anyway, this morning I got a call saying that when they tried to inflate it a seam broke. That told him that the glue was failing and he said it probably wouldn't be save to make a repair in the split seam as it would probably give way someplace else. They didn't think it was worth putting any money into it. I agreed and they offered to dispose it for me to save me another 5 hour round trip to Maine. They didn't charge me anything either.

I would have considered buying a new inflatable from them, but they only sell life rafts right now. I like this company and if you need any safety equipment or you have an inflatable that needs repairs I recommend them.

So, I don't know if I'll rush out and buy a new inflatable, but may stop by Defender to see what they have for deals. They seem to be offering mail in rebates on Zodiacs if you belong to US Sailing. Anyone have any recommendations? Do any of you belong to US Sailing? What is the advantage. It would be worth going to get the rebate that runs until July 31, 2020 and I will join if I buy one to get the rebate.