What to do when your furling line comes out of your Furlex?

Yesterday after we docked our sailboat my wife Mary accidently loosened the jib sheet while I was forward tying up the bow line and the jib unfurled in a strong wind, starting flapping about, and the furling line came out! The only solution was to release the jam cleat on the jib halyard and just pull the jib down. Of course I then had to take the jib completely off and figure out how to reattach the furling line.

With a little help from reading the Furlex instruction manual I was able to do it. The biggest challenge was to not loose the little screws holding the furling drum overboard. I was careful and also some of them were designed to not come all the way out and that was a nice feature. The other challenge was to wind it on the right way. Sometimes I think that I am slightly dyslex and do things backwards. The instructions say if the jib cover is on the starboard side you wind clock wise and if it on the port side you wind counter clockwise. I went with counter clockwise.

I won't know if I was right until I host the jib again. It was to windy yesterday. Best time to do it is usually early in the morning when there isn't much wind.

If this had happened underway it would have been a bigger challenge to get the jib down without letting it go overboard, but taking it down is better and option than letting it beat itself to shreds in a strong wind.