Internet Service Provider Filters

internet service provider

I want to talk a bit about Internet Service Providers (ISP) filtering content and the overblocking that can occur with these filters.  In the UK at least, since 2013 all ISPs have been filtering content that might be adult or illegal in order to protect minors.  All new customers will now automatically be opted-in to the ISP’s own content filter.  Unless you specifically change your settings you may be seeing a reduced number of sites on your device.  I’m not up to speed with the filtering of content in the US but would imagine it’s on a state by state basis. What are these filters, what are they blocking and are they always blocking the right sites? Continue reading

The Bowline Knot

The Bowline Knot – The Essential Knot for Sailors

the bowline knot

The bowline must be the most popular knot in the sailing world.  One of the first knots to be mastered by the novice sailor it is considered to be one of the most versatile and trusted knots a sailor will use.  Whilst, not the strongest knot it is easy to tie even with one hand and can be untied when under load.  So why is it called a bowline? Continue reading

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

what's love got to do with itWe are very excited this week to have a guest article on the blog.  Sue Williams is a woman sailor and author and has written her memoirs, Ready to Come About, about a North Atlantic circumnavigation on a 37′ yacht with her husband David.  Here she describes the events that led up to the trip and some of the mishaps they had along the way. Continue reading

Crewing Posts May 2020

Crewing Posts May 2020 From Lovesail Members

crewing posts may 2020

Crewing Posts May 2020 – Members are posting events despite the unknown.  Lockdowns around the world do seem to be easing but just bear in mind dates could change.  Priorities are always to stay safe and practise good hygiene and the appropriate social distancing rules for your area. Continue reading

Unusual Lighthouses Around the World

jeddah light

The most popular board on the Lovesail Pinterest account is the one entitled Lighthouses Around the World.  When I created it I had no idea just how many lighthouse there were in the world (18,600) and how beautiful and unusual some of these could be.  So here is a collection of just a few of these wonderful lighthouses. Continue reading

The History of Tea

On National Tea Day a bit about the History of Tea

the history of tea

Today (21st April) is National Tea Day in the UK (and also the Queen’s birthday, not a coincidence I feel).  I thought the history of tea would make a good read given that no good boat galley would be without a good supply of tea.  It’s a fascinating story with tales of drug dealing and industrial espionage… Continue reading

Profile Picture Advice

Choosing a Profile Picture

profile picture advice

There is plenty of advice out there on the best type of profile picture to have such as don’t post a selfie, wear red, (women) or blue (men). Then there’s don’t wear sunglasses, look into the camera (women) away from the camera (men). Include a pet, don’t include a pet. Do you know what I think? Continue reading

Three Easy Bread Recipes

Galley Recipes – Three Easy Bread Recipes

qucik and easy bread

With more time on our hands at the moment and supplies sometimes difficult to get hold of I thought some simple easy bread recipes would be a handy resource to have at your fingertips.  Two of the recipes have been recommended by a couple of yacht chef pals. Continue reading

Some of the Best Sailing Books to Read

Top 3 Best Sailing Books to Read whilst in Isolation.

Unlike me, some of you will find you have extra time on your hands whilst working from home or your boat.  Below are a few recommendations for the best sailing books that, in my opinion, you should give some shelf space to.

sailing books to read

Continue reading