Relaxation Techniques – Guided Imagery

This week is mental health awareness week in the UK, so we thought it was perfect timing to release the fourth part of our blog series on relaxation techniques. This week, we’re going to look at Guided Imagery (sometimes called visualisation) which is the practice of immersing yourself in a mental image of a relaxing/peaceful setting.

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sailing charities in the uk

Sailing Podcasts

Many of us try to start the New Year off with better habits. Some of us say we’ll go out on the water more and some of us say that we’ll plan that dream trip. But, research suggests that the day people are most likely to give up on their New Year resolutions is January 19th – that’s today!

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winter sailing

10 Reasons Why Winter Sailing Rocks

Winter Sailing Rocks

Some people will lock up their boats for the winter or haul out for some winter maintenance.  Those that venture out in the winter season can be greatly rewarded.  Here are 10 reasons why winter sailing rocks.

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gardening on a boat

Gardening on a Boat

What to Consider Before You Start.

Gardening and boat are not two words you expect to see together, but with many sailors leaving the rat race behind and choosing to live aboard, self-sufficiency is the buzzword for this community.

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