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Jeff and Janine

Jeff and Janine

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"We met on Lovesail. Janine was in Boston, MA. Jeff was sailing down the east coast of the US and had reached Florida...

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  • Erica, Thank you for your efforts with this site…So, this innocuous message, “how are things in St George’s”, was just a soft opening like several I’d received on the site…I answered back. Something about Grenada and my plans. Then she answered back…and on it went. That was months back and a few weeks ago or more I emailed you to cancel my profile. I cancelled it because I discovered a woman that I truly did not know existed. A woman who had her own plans to move aboard a boat this year, a professional that is disciplined and driven, but also kind, centred, and mindful. The most amazing woman I’ve ever known who inspires me daily. A beautiful soul that I have far more in common with than should be possible. I could go on, but this thank you letter is trailing on a bit.  Suffice it to say, we’ve met in person, have spent several weeks together, and we are making plans to spend more time together.  Your efforts, Erica, have changed my life. Thank you for the time and effort you spend on this site. I can not possibly thank you enough. R Jan 2021
  • Hi Erica, I just want to congratulate you and thank you for this initiative.  I love the website!  Cheers!!!  L Dec 2021
  • Hi Erica, just letting you know that I will be cancelling my account soon as I have found the love of my life through Lovesail. I can’t thank you enough for establishing this site for like-minded people, and giving me the opportunity to find my perfect match. All the best for the future.  G Nov 2021
  • Delete Account Request – I have met a lady on the site and it’s so far so good!  F Nov 2021
  • Hello Erica, this is ********** Can I please ask you to remove me from your site. The reason is that I am going sailing! It has been a wonderful experience being part of your group. Thank you.  J Sept 2021
  • Hi Erica, loved being on here for only a short time, the fun I’ve had and the chats have been great. I think I have met somebody quite special so I’m going to edit my profile significantly. Met on Lovesail so thank you. P August 2021
  • I wish to announce that I have found my most amazing woman here on Lovesail.
    We have been communicating for over 9 months and finally with the easing of international travel, we finally met and there is no doubt that both of us have found the love of our live’s.  So here is to all the wonderful people I have met on this site that there is hope that you too may find the love of your life here on Lovesail. J July 2021
  • Hello, Erica! Thank you for managing the wonderful LoveSail community. A May 2021
  • I have found a great gal on here. Thank you so much. J May 2021
  • I just want to say what a great site you run. I’ve used probably five others at various times over the past few years and none of them come close to Lovesail. Generally, they’re full of sneaky tricks and I’ve never seen any of those on Lovesail. Well done and thanks. T April 2021
  • A wonderful site! I’ve only just joined and already had some lovely communications with others. M April 2021
  • Great site.  Thanks.  D April 2021
  • Thank you for this site. I’ve met some wonderful people to sail with. J Mar 2021
  • Good morning Erica…absolutely love the site. Well done.  S Mar 2021
  • Dear Admin Erica, I just wanted to say how amazingly lovely your website is!!! I had given up on internet dating as I decided I just didn’t really want or need what it had to offer, all I wanted was to find lovely people who love boats and who might help me fulfill my dream to sail into the second half of my life. I just have to say, so far it has been an extremely simple and pleasant experience, and I love the fact that this community is so far-reaching. It makes me feel a lovely part of a much bigger boundary-less (!) world.  D Mar 2021
  • Love your website.  A warm and friendly place. J Mar 2021
  • Thanks for this wonderful service.  T Feb 2021
  • Hello, I’m happy to report that I met a lovely gentleman. S Feb 2021
  • I’ve found a sailing partner who hopefully will be around for a long time…Thanks so much! H Feb 2021
  • Hi Erica…Nice site you’ve made.  T Feb 2021
  • Dear Lovesail, You’ve got a great site.  K Feb 2021
  • You’ve helped me make some excellent connections this year and it’s really enhanced my life! Thank you.  W Dec 2020
  • I have met some cool people on the website and I am learning about sailing just by chatting. Really nice. Glad to be here. G Dec 2020
  • Other dating sites haven’t really worked for me so I like the “community feel” about Lovesail and that the focus is on sailing and not on “conveyor belt” dating.  I Dec 2020
  • Hi Erica, Just to let you know I love the site. Best wishes, T Nov 2020
  • Hi Erica…thank you for the work you do here! You have provided a pretty safe and inviting space here at LoveSail. J Nov 2020
  • Please could you remove me from your database. Just to let you know I am with someone…We found each other through Lovesail! So thank you very much.  C Nov 2020
  • Thank you Erica! You run a great site. Fair winds – as they say! R Nov 2020
  • I have met the man of my dreams…on this site. I hope you understand when I don’t return your message and that you get as lucky as I did.  B Nov 2020.
  • Hello Erica, Please remove my profile. Your site worked and I’ve found my life partner. Thank You, I Oct 2020
  • I want to thank everyone who contacted me on Love Sail… and also the excellent crew who helped move the boat. S Oct 2020
  • I found someone on LoveSail back in June! Very happy!! We each sold our boats and bought a boat together!!!  N Oct 2020
  • Hello Erica, I’m pleased to say…I’ve found a perfect sailing companion on the site…So could you please now remove me from the site and thank you for your courtesy over the years. Kind Regards.   C September 2020
  • Thank you Erica…You do a great job managing this site. I have met some really interesting people on here. J Oct 2020
  • Congratulations for your site. I know how much effort it takes…I hope to find my best side in your group. Cheers. F July 2020
  • This site works!!  Happy to report I will be sailing with a Capt I met on this site starting Aug 8.. destination New England Coast perhaps until the first snow? Packing now and would like to say thank you “LoveSail” and best of luck to all those with whom I’ve spoken or written to since I joined this site back in early June. This is going to be a wonderful adventure….destination known but outcome anyone can guess…If it is a “match” I will or we will be sure to report!
  • I met someone!  Thank you!!  K July 2020
  • Erica. I have met the woman of my dreams through your website. Thank you so so so much. Please delete my account as I am in heaven now because of you.  SH July 2020
  • Thank you for your site over the past year which I have thoroughly enjoyed NM July 2020
  • Hello Erica, I recently joined your site and congratulate you on its quality.  S July 2020
  • Thank you for providing the site which is very good. DM June 2020
  • Update: I am only available for friendship and crewing – I have met my perfect sailor man (on LS – thank you Erica!) and wishing you all good luck with finding The One for you. :) A May 2020
  • Erica…I wanted to say that you run a great site for sailors. Thanks.  M April 2020
  • Hello Erica, I’m new to this site, very nice site, I look forward to finding a sailing mate and hopefully more…Thanks for running a great site.  J March 2020
  • Erica, I wish to be taken off the site as because of lovesail I met my soul mate, thank u all so much…it’s a wonderful site met a lot of great people on it.  M March 2020
  • Hello Erica, your site is amazing…wow! I feel so comfortable here. The sailors are all so interesting, each with a unique story and yet everyone is connected through the passion…Thank you for all you do!  D Mar 2020
  • Excellent. You are the best and your prompt service is fantastic. SS Mar 2020
  • Thanks for providing this great service for us sailors. I’m looking forward to making new friends here in Southern California. TM Mar 2020
  • Thank you for your site. Lots of great folks on here.  C Jan 2020
  • Hi Erica, I just would like to say a huge thank you for running Lovesail. Thanks to you, I’ve met the man of my dreams who’s also a brilliant sailor. You’ve changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful. Wishing you much love, peace and happiness.  J Jan 2020
  • Hi Erica, thanks for running Lovesail. KL Jan 2020
  • Hi Erica, thank you for running such a wonderful website. It is really interesting to read about all the different sailors and their experiences. HS Jan 2020
  • Dear Erica, thanks for your website. S Dec 2019
  • You’ve done an amazing job on your website. Your users seem to be very talented and diversified. It’s a pleasure to communicate with you and hopefully them BL Nov 2019
  • Hi Ya, Just a comment, no need to reply. It is so nice to see so many nice, ordinary, happy people on this! Smile Whatever and however, you did this, full marks. JF November 2019
  • I am now in a relationship with a fellow sailor and we spend many happy hours afloat. Met lots of lovely people to sail with through Lovesail over last few years. It’s a great website and very safe.  AR Nov 2019
  • Thanks for connecting me with a beautiful woman. We are still together. BF Nov 2019
  • Totally enjoying this site by the way. Thanks for keeping this website worth our time. SW Nov 2019
  • Thank you for your great work Erica. The sailing community appreciates you. KW Oct 2019
  • A lovely website!  TZ Sept 2019
  • Thank you, because of your site I have met my life partner. Keep up the good work. WB Sept 2019
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A year and a half ago a man reached out to me on here and with him living in the UK while I am on the west coast of the US I rolled my eyes thinking we would never meet much less match. Oh, how wrong I was! Being the persistent man that he is the next thing I knew he had, with great stealth, sailed his way into my day to day life, and eventually right into my heart! After a few months of navigating the time difference, silly accents, and the nuances of the spoken language of our respective countries we had found enough within each other to warrant a meeting. We chose NYC as it seemed the best halfway point and came face to face on his 49th birthday! The rest is a sweet, fantastic love story that recently was cemented after we discovered our smooth partnering ability on a 1,800 nm sailing excursion as we delivered a 42′ Rustler from Madeira, Portugal to Falmouth, England. With a total of roughly 8 weeks of in-person time spent we are confident we have found our forever sailing partners in one another. Thank the heavens for video chat!!! Again, thank you! CG Sept 2019
  • Hi Erica  I would like to have all my details removed from your site, please. I have found a partner through your fantastic lovesail site. I recommend it to all who are interested in sailing and partnership. I’m from Falmouth UK and ****** is from Portland Oregon USA. 5000 miles apart but we connected through your site a year and a half ago. We have just sailed 1800nm in the Atlantic together. Next year we will set sail in her boat from the US to live full time at sea. We will tell our amazing Lovesail story many times around the world. Very kind regards  MT Aug 2019 
  • Hi!  Your site is incredible, however, I’ve found love, so I’d like to delete my account please. Thank you!  BL Aug 2019
  • My username is ************** and I’d like to delete my account for now. I actually met someone on LoveSail and we’re going to give it a try! LF Aug 2019
  • Please delete my account. I’m in a relationship as a result of your site, so thank you.  DS July 2019
  • I have found the right lady for me and we are sailing along on a wonderful breeze, many thanks to LoveSail VM July 2019
  • Good morning, as I am pleased to tell you that I have met the soul mate I seek, I would very much like to delete my Profile from your website. RS July 2019
  • Hi Erica just to say I’m really enjoying Love Sail. R July 2019
  • Congrats on the fine site, it is well organized and easy to use.  F June 2019
  • Dear lovesail team, I kindly ask you to delete my account (username: ******) because thanks to lovesail I found the most wonderful man in the world and we are happily together now! There are no words in the world to describe how grateful we both are for your website! Thank you thank you thank you :) :) :) Best wishes.  A June 2019
  • Great site, well done.  AO May 2019
  • Thank you!!!!  At last a social/life partner search site I can relate to!!!!!! And I get to find great friends and crew my boat or crew on other boats during life’s quest for the one.  KH May 2019
  • Thanks for your text message. Your site is looking better than ever and so much better for me than Crew Finder.  C April 2019
  • Thank you, Erica.  You run a great website.  D April 2019
  • Hi Erica, I’ve found someone lovely care of your site and would like to be removed JS March 2019
  • Feels good to be back to Lovesail!! I’ve been pecking around a bit and love the NEW site!! You have put so much work into this wonderful” world for sailors!!! I think it goes without saying …. we all LOVE you to death!!! Have a Great Summer and “Cheers”!!!  J March 2019
  • I would be grateful if you you delete my entry / post on lovesail as have now found a new partner. Excellent site – well done! P January 2019
  • Hi Erica, thanks for getting back to me.  Love the site!  Happy New Year!  DR December2018
  • please delete my account. i met my life mate SS November 2018
  • Hi Erica, thank you for building a great network, thx  JD November 2018
  • Erica.  Please delete my account.  I’m happy seeing someone at the moment. LS if fab and I have recommended to more than a handful of people.  IT November 2018
  • Hi Erica, My username is ********.  I have met someone (on your site actually) so please could you delete my account.  Thanks Erica MT October 2018
  • Please can you “delete” my account as I have met a wonderful gentleman.  Thank you very much  SM September 2018
  • Thanks Erica.It’s so nice to get a personal response from a web-based thingy. Lovesail has provided me with some good friends and a great deal of fun! PW April 2018
  • Good luck with the site! Brilliant idea.  It was sorely needed. AM April 2018
  • I have been so-ooo fortunate in meeting my sailing soul mate on Lovesail site. We first made contact in Jan 2017 & have sailed together since. We intend “setting sail on the great blue yonder” in May this year … forever. THANKYOU Lovesail!  S April 2018
  • Hi Erica, Just wanted to say what a great site this is. I have been on it since it started and have met some wonderful people, so thank you. Hope you are getting lots of sailing in. KD October 2017
  • I’ve found a lovely lady here in Hawaii!……….. Thanks for your great work!  KD July 2017
  • I’ve very much enjoyed being on Lovesail, a fascinating window on the sailing community.  RM July 2017
  • Hi Erica and love sail staff. I found my man thru your website, just want to tell you thank you so much, we are happy together and heading off to panama in a few days on my boat. We are in love and it’s a wonderful thing. So, please delete me from the site, I promise to tell EVERYONE where we met
    Thanks again. Warmest regards  CS June 2017
  • Please delete my profile here, nothing wrong with the site, have met someone local (150 yards from my house) on my last trip to the boat!  Thanks for such a great site, spam free & genuine people – Cheers.  SN June 2017
  • Hello Erica de Mighty, and tis great to meet the “builder” of this wonderful site —- well done!! I can safely say it has brought great fun and pleasure to many sailors. G June 2017
  • Wonderful Match!  Hi Erica,  S******** and I just wanted to thank you for your site and how it helped us find one another! We are currently sharing our sailing passion together on both our boats until we settle on one or the other and sail off into the sunset.  Thanks so much! R May 2017
  • Please delete my profile, I have found the perfect match ? Thanks for your services!   W April 2017
  • Please remove my profile.  I me someone here.  Thanks  F April 2017
  • Hello Erica,
    I met my amazing husband on Lovesail.com.  We are now sailing around the world…currently in New Zealand. We are just thrilled with this life and feel so very lucky! We tell everyone about meeting on Lovesail!  We actually met in 2014 and got married 3 times in 2015 at various islands and locations where we sailed to! Thank you Love sail!!!  L January 2017
  • ……I did meet someone through LoveSail and we have been together 2 1/2 years and all going well – M January 2017
  • I think the site is wonderful – it truly change my life……….I am truly grateful – F January 2017
  • Thank you for the excellent and professional service provided by Lovesail – JM December 2016
  • ….I have met a wonderful sailor……Thanks for the introduction – DM November 2016
  • …..I have someone on this site thank you – C September 2016
  • I met someone…..Thank you, he is the love of my life – LR September 2016
  • Dear Erica……through your good offices I have found a lovely lady who is now part of, i hope a very long term relationship – MG August 2016
  • …..I have to say that within a short time of joining, a very genuine gentleman contacted me. several other people have written to me, too, and I have to say this is the friendliest site I have ever been on.  Thank you, once again – SD August 2016
  • …..met someone, Thank you – F August 2016
  • Wasn’t sure if it was ever going to happen, met here on Lovesail, fell in love, and plan on sailing happily ever after !!! Good luck to you all – LF July 2016
  • Thank you for your service.  I’ve started a relationship with a gorgeous sailor from your site. Its a great friendship for now that has great romantic potential!  We will keep you posted. I’m hoping to join him in his sailing the world, as it’s my dream too! Bless you Lovesail – RB July 2016
  • Erica…..I have found someone (through your site!) that I would like to be with.  Many thanks Lovesail! – LA July 2016
  • This site has been a wonderful connection to like minded sailors, it has been a very positive and rewarding experience – I would encourage everyone to to try – RB May 2016
  • …..This site works.  I met an amazing lady on this site and we are now a couple. Planning to leave next spring for our next adventure.  Thanks so much!!!! – S April 2016
  • I found the most wonderful person on this site. Thanks – AB February 2016
  • Mission accomplished – D October 2015
  • Dear Erica, my membership was successful. I found my sailing partner with LoveSail…..Many thanks and best regards – R October 2015
  • …..and I have been going out for nearly two years now and we have had some amazing sailing together – mainly around the West Coast of Ireland.  So thanks for the intro – AN August 2015
  • Hello Erica, I must be one of your longer term members, and am so glad to have been part of the evolution to the great site you have today…. I have just come back online, after recently splitting up (Argh..!) with my partner who I met on Lovesail back in 2006!  We had a few ‘apart times’ along the way, and I always felt that Lovesail would be there for me, and did met some special people (friends) along the way – H July 2015
  • I like this site because people that sail have so much in common, and its hard to meet single people who sail…Thanks again – JC July 2015
  • I have met some really interesting people on Lovesail – GM June 2015
  • Lovesail is a gem – MF May 2015
  • Thanks very much Erica. I love your site and the way it is set up/works. Another avenue to get out on the water, chatted to some very nice people and made new contacts.
    Keep up the good work! – PT May 2015
  • Thanks so much. Must be a lot of work for you running all this, but hope it is worthwhile, it certainly is for us. I have met some lovely people on here. Thank you – KD February 2015
  • Hi Erica, I have happily found my sailor boy – FC February 2015
  • Thank you for a great site. This is very needed in the sailing community. I am meeting people from different parts of the world. It not always easy to find people with the passion for sailing. Sail clubs are nice, unfortunately they are few and far between. This is really a great site.
    Thanks again – M June 2014
  • I recently met the most extraordinary and amazing person thanks to this website.  Not dating anymore then, but always open for crew – JB May 2014
  • I’m quite tickled to report that I’ve begun dating someone who I met through this site…..I’ve adjusted my “desired relationship” to reflect this happy news.  Good luck, all – JM May 2014
  • …..Met someone on Lovesail.com  ThankYou – CM May 2014
  • Hi Erica, I am madly in love with xxxxxxxx who took a great risk and flew………to………Indonesia to try me out.  We have spent the evening looking at how to get married in Bali so I guess its pretty successful!!! – GC April 2014
  • Have found someone.  Many thanks – I January 2014
  • Hi I’ve found a match! Thank you lovesail – J January 2014
  • Hi Erica, How are you….how are things going….still think your website is the best……” – IB Dec 2013
  • Now in a relationship, Site great, Thx – OH November 2013
  • I found my future wife on your site – RM October 2013
  • Hi There, Thank you for lovesail, I have met someone using this site…..I have been on a couple of dates with him. We went sailing at the weekend together…..Great result. Thank-you – GK July 2013
  • Hi Erica, Guess what? I met someone thanks to you! He came to meet me for a week in the Caribbean and come July, I’m flying to sail with him in The Med. So very cool.
    Thanks – PB May 2013
  • Love this site – AH May 2013
  • I’m finding that virtually everyone is really nice…..already found and made some good friends! – CH February 2013
  • You are so much better then Match.com – NS February 2013
  • I’m just writing to you with regards to our Lovesail success story.
    I’ve always loved sailing and messing about on the water and joined Lovesail.com in February 2012 from a friend’s recommendation. Then on March 8th 2012 I met up with a wonderful man called Ian “Captain Silver” in Chichester Marina. His yacht was called “The Silver Slipper “a beautiful Moody 422.After a number of dates, he sent me a text asking if he could be my Peter Pan? (My name is Wendy). So I texted back,”Can I be your Cinderella if the silver slipper fits? We have now been dating for 7 months, have fallen madly in love and are getting married next April 2013 in my home county of Devon and going on the longest honeymoon in history sailing round the world with my beautiful bearded collie dog, Bumble.  Thank you LoveSail for making our dreams come true – WB October 2012
  • …..I have found someone…..via Lovesail.. .. It’s an excellent site not because of dating possibilities , but also because of the possibility to meet like-minded people who have a love of water – SP September 2012
  • Hi there, I only joined recently and think your site is excellent – MB August 2012
  • …..I have met somebody recently who is very nice and no longer need the site……I wish you luck with it all and I have enjoyed being on the site – DH June 2012
  • I would like to thank Love Sail for helping me, after fruitless attempts on other more conventional dating sites, to find a wonderful man, his fabbo dog, and his lovely yacht. I am so pleased that I discovered Love Sail. My experience has been highly positive – and one feature I have enjoyed is the personal touch and genuine customer care from your admin team who respond to questions speedily, and treat you as an individual, not just an account number, which makes the whole experience more “palatable” and pleasurable.  I bid you farewell, but will be eternally grateful to a site that proved there is someone for everybody- and a great someone at that! – SM December 2012
  • Hi… I have met someone lovely through this site…..Thank you… very much! – MT February 2012

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