winter crewing posts 2021

Winter Crewing Posts 2021

Winter Crewing Posts 2021

Here are just some of the Winter crewing posts 2021 that the Lovesail members have posted.  For more posts or to contact these members just log in to your Lovesail account and click on the Crewing and Sailing Events section.  If you don’t have an account on Lovesail then come and take a look.  We are a dating and social networking site for yachtsmen and women. Join our friendly sailing community for dating, friendships and crewing opportunities.

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COP26 is being held in Glasgow this year

COP26 Ocean Roundup

All the latest ocean news from COP26

This week, world leaders and their representatives have been attending the 26th meeting of COP (or Conference of Parties). Hosted by the United Nations, this annual conference serves as a forum for 196 countries to discuss the problems, solutions, challenges and successes of the fight against the climate crisis. The Lovesail team have been keeping a close eye on commitments that aim to tackle oceanic problems.

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Shipwrecks are often the inspiration for ghost ship myths

Lesser Known Ghost Ships

Two tales of lesser known Ghost Ships

As we creep closer to Halloween, scary stories have been on our mind. For us nothing quite stokes the imagination like a spooky ghost ship!

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Love Stories – Jeff and Janine

A love story on the East Coast

Learning about our members adventures is one of our favourite things! It’s great to be part of a thriving sailing community where there’s so much going on. From sailing holidays to meet-ups and dates, the Lovesail team are proud to connect sailors from around the world.

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Autumn Sailing

Autumn Sailing Destinations – Our Top Picks

Autumn sailing destinations in Europe and North America

The days are getting shorter and, here in the UK, we’ve said goodbye to our short-lived summer. But don’t fear. There are still plenty of great autumn sailing destinations, so you can squeeze the most out of the sailing year.

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Cowes Week – Fascinating Facts

Fascinating facts about this famous regatta.

Much missed last year, Cowes Week is going to be back for 2021.  Starting on Saturday 31st July it runs until Friday 23rd July.  Here are some fascinating facts you may not know about this iconic sailing regatta.

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