Lovesail on Instagram

Lovesail Instagram

Did you know that Lovesail is on Instagram (lovesaildating)?  I know, I know, how many more social media accounts do we need to have these days?  If you haven’t ventured onto Instagram yet then do, it really is one of the better ones.

We do have a Facebook Account (Love Sail Social Network And Online Dating) and a Twitter Account (@lovesail).  As a business owner we have to engage with these two if we want to climb up the search engines and be noticed, however, many of us would rather be getting on with the day to day running of the business.  It is frustrating that as a business we have to engage in order to survive (more social engagement, more Google points, more steps up the search engine ladder).

There are many articles about the destructive side of social media.   I’m currently looking at ways in which to decrease the number of posts on some social media channels and increase other ways of engaging people, ideally whilst supporting small businesses at the same time.  When I do use social media my aim is to make engagements positive, supportive, educational and/or uplifting.

Instagram is one social media channel I do like and will continue to use.  Why?  Well it’s quick, easy and just flicking through the many wonderful images can’t fail to lighten your day.  And as the Chinese expression says “Hearing something a hundred times isn’t better than seeing it once”.

Here are just a few of the photos we have posted on Instagram, and all of them have been taken with a mobile phone!

lovesail instagram

CalaPi, Mallorca

lovesail instagram

Jolly Harbour, Antigua

lovesail sailing dating is a dating and social networking site with a difference.  We are purely for sailing enthusiasts.  Join our sailing community to meet other like-minded sailing soulmates.


Photo Competition Winner

Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations to Caribejohn who has won the Lovesail Photo Competition with this picture of Lucy his dog.  He wins a years gold membership to the site.

Please keep checking the blog, twitter or our facebook page for details of our next competition when we will be giving away another Gold membership.


photo competition winner