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Winter Crewing Posts 2018

winter crewing posts 2018

Winter Crewing Posts 2018 Here are a few of the winter crewing posts 2018 that have been submitted by the Lovesail members.  To find out more about an individual crewing post just log into your Lovesail account and click on

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Southampton Boat Show 2018

southampton boat show 2018

Southampton Boat Show 2018 – Celebrating 50 Years on the Water This year the Southampton Boat Show 2018 will celebrate 50 years of boating festivities.  The show runs from Friday 14th September until Sunday 23rd September and, as usual, will

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Sailing Opportunities June 2018

Sailing opportunities June 2018

Sailing Opportunites June 2018 Here are a few of the sailing opportunities for June 2018 that some of the members have posted on the Lovesail site.  Log into your account for more details.  If you are not a member of

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London Boat Show Cancelled

london boat show cancelled

London Boat Show Cancelled As many of you will now be aware, the London Boat Show 2019 has been cancelled.  Whether this is going to be a permanent fixture still remains to be seen but it was not a shock

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Lifting a Boat

Lifting a boat

Lifting a Boat Lifting a boat is a task that comes round periodically, often at this time of year.  However, for those who have not done it before it may be a bit of a mystery.  Here’s an explanation and

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Autumn Crewing Posts 2017

autumn crewing posts 2017

Autumn Crewing Posts 2017 As the summer seasons draws to a close, there are some Autumn Crewing Posts 2017 from the members that might pique your interest. Looking for experienced AMEL 54 crew member I am finalizing the purchase of

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Ensign Etiquette

ensign etiquette

Ensign Etiquette UK Ensign etiquette derives from UK flag etiquette.  It is a combination of law or ‘what you must do’ and maritime tradition i.e. expectations of behaviour within the sea-faring community.  On a vessel the most senior position for

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Squalls – What are they? Look out – there’s a squall coming your way! Squalls can occur in any hemisphere as a sharp and sudden increase in wind speed. They’re often associated with oncoming changes in the weather like rain

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Excellence of Dart Skippered Charter

excellence of dart

Excellence of Dart Skippered Charter on a Luxury Yacht UK Circumnavigation Learn to sail, take the helm, hone your skills, build your experience, crunch some hours and/or just relax and have fun with your friends aboard the 58 foot luxury

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London Boat Show 2016

london boat show 2016

London Boat Show 2016 London ExCeL The London Boat Show 2016 is about to sail into London’s ExCeL this week.  Starting on Friday 8th January (preview day) and running through until Sunday 17th January, the boat show aims to remind

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