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Alexandria, Virginia, United States
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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I am a newly retired incredibly fit professional. I’ve always been a water girl. I swim like a fish, windsurf, kayak, scuba dive. I have a moderate amount of intermittent experience, sailing small and large aircraft and will actively endeavor to learn to be the crew member you might need. I hope to become a good enough sailor to enjoy the romance and adventure of cruising and maybe as a bonus, meet the match of my heart. If not at least enjoy the wind and the travel.

Sailing Experience:

A natural in the water and a confident strong swimmer, I started with sailing class in college and windsurfing in my young adulthood. I have intermittent experience helping as a mate on small and large boats, never a captain. 20 years ago I manned the main for one season of racing on an all women’s yacht team.

I’m able, a quick learner and I’m very fit. .

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